Annual tree giveaway marks National Arbor Day Week

Published 2:12 pm Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hundreds of tree seedlings will find new owners at the Clanton Annual Tree Giveaway on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 9 a.m. in front of City Hall.

Every year for about 5 years, Clanton has joined other cities that are Tree City USA members in sponsoring a tree giveaway event during National Arbor Day Week.

The Alabama Forestry Department will get about 18 different species of trees from nurseries and give a certain number of each tree to each county participating.

Brian Smith of the Chilton County Forestry Department is coordinating this year’s event and will have various pamphlets available with more information about trees and forest fire prevention.

“People just form a line, and they can ask questions about the trees,” said Susan Rickles of the City of Clanton. “They are lined up outside the front door before we open at 8. They have such a good time.”

Trees will be given away until people stop coming, and any leftover trees will be kept at the Chilton County Forestry Department.

“We never run out of trees,” said Susan Rickles of the City of Clanton. “They can get maybe one of each kind. We have a limited amount of good species.”

Clanton Tree Board members will be helping with packaging and answering questions regarding tree selection.

The names and numbers of tree species allotted for each county are as follows: Black Gum (100); Beauty Berry (173); Shumark Oak (169); Cherry Bark Oak (184); Nutall Oak (71); Sawtooth Oak (103); Overcup Oak (202); Green Ash (261); Crepe Myrtle (131); Red Bud (174); Chinese Elm (144); Bald Cypress (145); Japanese Maple (484); Chicksaw Plum (72); Oak Leaf Hydrangea (74); River Birch (116); Crabapple (103); and Longleaf Pine (204).