Items needed to fill JOB Readiness clothes closet

Published 2:17 pm Friday, February 10, 2012

Having the proper clothing to wear to a new job or job interview is crucial to success, but building a professional wardrobe can be expensive.

That’s why Kimberley Harley-Wright, instructor of the JOB Readiness Program in Chilton County, is creating a “clothes closet” stocked with professional clothing for current and former participants in her class.

“Usually, those that come to my class will try to dress appropriately,” Harley-Wright said. “But a lot of them financially can’t afford to have a week’s worth of nice clothes.”

Harley-Wright is accepting donated items that fit into the “interview attire” category for the closet, and she will allow female and male participants to select a certain number of items if they need assistance before their first paycheck.

“Money is not actually there for them to just go and buy a pair of black pants or shoes,” she said. “They can come here to start off.”

Donated items can include skirts, blouses, dress pants, shoes and other job-related accessories.

“Restaurants are asking the employees to purchase black pants and shoes,” Harley-Wright said. “I would like to have those types of items in the clothes closet also.”

Harley-Wright teaches participants about job-seeking skills, proper dress, hairstyles and hygiene before mock and real interviews.

“We’re always looking for people to do mock interviews for the class,” Harley-Wright said.

The JOB Readiness Program is funded through the Department of Human Resources of Chilton and Shelby counties.

Classes are held at Renee Smith & Associates LLC in Clanton.

Donations for the clothes closet will be accepted at “Kelsey’s Place,” 950 Lumac Road in Clanton, every day after 1 p.m.

For more information or to donate items, call Kimberley Harley-Wright at (205) 755-7101.