Church news for Thursday, Feb. 8, 2012

Published 6:04 pm Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bethany Baptist Church
The choir special was “Til the Storm Passes By.” Also, a quartet (Jeanette Jessop, J. C. Collins, Elaine Staton and Bro. Steve Vickers) sang “Grace Greater Than Our Sin.”  Bro. Steve used 1 Peter 1:22-25 as his text for his sermon on “God’s Enduring Word.”  The Word of God defines what true brotherly love is: pure and seeking the best for one another.  The Word of God is a living book; and it lives, abides and endures forever.  Our existence here is a passing thing, compared to the “grass that withereth and the flower that fadeth away.”  Let’s focus on eternal things, not passing things.
Birthdays and anniversaries this month: Larry Miller (Feb. 1); Lori Knight (Feb. 12); John Vickers (Feb. 23); Josh Peppers (Feb. 28); and Jerry and Jane Vines – anniversary (Feb. 27).
Prayer List: Clayton Armstrong, Betty Biggs, Carl Gray, Ellen Gray, Ophelia Griffin, Ernestine Hatch, Bro. Danny Jones, Mary Knight, Larry Miller, Billie Neeley, Clayton Armstrong, Tim Wallace, June VBS, and Lillianna Thompson.  Let’s continue to remember the tornado victims as they try to get their lives back together.

Bethsalem Baptist
We recognized those who have birthdays and anniversaries this month. Welcome and ministry opportunities started our morning worship, followed by the “On Mission Celebration” preview by our pastor.
We sang “What a Might God We Serve,” “Blessed Be Your Name” and “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord,” and the special music by Bro. Cleve Mallory.
Brother Brad’s Message was “Same Story, Second Verse,” from Deuteronomy 6:4-9; 30:15-20.
Prayer requests: Hal Ellison, Hazel Boswell, Bro. James Moore, Jeanett Smitherman, Ruby Jones, Charles Bryant, Lillianna Thompson, Tyler Harmon, Debra Mims, Marshall and Hazel Green, Crystal Keith, Betty Gregory, Milton Nelson, Betty Mims, Allison Collier, and all families whose homes were destroyed by tornadoes, our missionaries, families who lost loved ones, and our shut ins.
Happy birthday: Kim Edwards, Sjohna Pierce, Jack Lyster, Holly Sealy, Patti Tuma, Audrea Moore, Lisa Merrill, Gabrielle LeBlane, Jessica Jones, Marie Barnett, Katie Littlefield, Chelsea Ousley.
Happy anniversary: Bro. Brad and Rebecca Eubank – 10 years.

Independent Baptist
Calvary Independent Baptist Church was blessed to have more visitors for services this Sunday. We thank all who have come our way and welcome everyone to come be a part of all our fellowship and worship services here at Calvary.
Morning services included a message from our Pastor Rick Hatchett about – whom are you married to? He preached from Romans 7 and explained how the saved are married to Christ, no longer married to the law, no longer under the bondage of sin.
Today God is rich in grace and mercy, which is shed in abundance to all who will receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Evening services included a message from Revelation 18:20-24 with our associate pastor Oscar Mims.

Cedar Grove Church
“I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in him will I trust.” Psalm 91:2.
Bro. Alton Russell led the singing today due to Bro. Steve Price being sick.
The first song “He Set Me Free” followed by the beautiful “The Old Rugged Cross.” We were dismissed into our Sunday school classes.
The title of the lesson “Jesus’ Last Warning.” The Scripture came from Matthew 23:27-29.
Golden text: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye pay tithes of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy and faith: these ought ye have done, and not to leave the other undone,” Matthew 23:23.
We were happy to see Larry Patterson back today; he had open-heart surgery and looks great, God is so good.
Happy birthday to Sandra Carroll on Jan. 31; this day is also our second year to be in the new sanctuary.
We have several out sick along with Bro. Steve, we pray that all are well and be back soon; we miss you.
Mrs. Ruby Neeley was back with us today; it was so good to see her.
Bro. Alton got us going with “Just A Little While.” Jesus Hold My Hand” and he blessed us by singing  “The Best Thing Jesus Ever Did” for our special song of the morning.
Bro. Jeff Carroll preached a good sermon about “Long Term Investment” his scripture came from 1 Corinthians 15:1-23. Sister Amelia Hubbard sang the song of invitation “I Claimed the Blood.” The altar filled with praying and being prayed for.
The evening service began with “Where The Milk and Honey Flows,” “Where Could I Go” and “I Am Thine, O Lord.”
Bro. Heath Vines preached a good sermon entitled “Endureth To The End,” from Matthew 10:22.
“Mansion Over The Hilltop” was the song of invitation and many came to the altar.

Christ Independent Methodist
On this beautiful Sabbath Day, two of our opening hymns were “Come Thou Almighty King,” and “Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness.”
Dr. Mac Stinson’s sermon title was “Seeking Christ,” based on Mark 1:29-39.
Remember the gospel words of Mark 1:37: “All men seek for thee.” These words are still true today for every man, woman, or young person’s deepest need. He is the architect of our faith. He is the destination of our life. What say you?
Feb. 12 will be our Valentine’s Dinner and Fellowship.
Prayer list: Rev. George Creel, Dwight Sammons, Charlotte Verren, Mable Mitchell, Micha Ward, and Mac Stinson III.
Pray for our military, their families, our country, our leaders, community, church each other, Christians worldwide, Israel, and Shea Simms.
Have a blessed week.

Jackson Chapel Church
Bro Gary Fant got the morning worship service started with “Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus” and “The Glory Land Way” and following the good singing Bro. Gary Fant blessed us with “Child of the King.”
Bro Dennis’ text came from Deuteronomy 28:1-14 with a message entitled “How Blessed Do You Want To Be?” God has a great desire to bless his people but we, as Christians, have to be willing to accept his blessings. God bestows on us so many blessings each day but we never take the time to stop and thank Jesus Christ for what he does for us.
We can’t go around with turmoil and sin in our lives and expect God to put out his blessings on us; if we want God to pour out his blessings on us we need to make sure we have our hearts right with Him.
The service ended with several coming to pray.
Bro Gary Fant got the evening worship service started off with “My Faith Looks Up to You.”
Happy Birthday to Faith Castleberry, Josh Burnett and Cain Varden
Please remember these as you pray this week – Janie Smitherman, Amy Solis, Marie Johnson, James Smith, Shayna McKinley, Russell Wyatt, Betty Smitherman, Duane Chadwick, Jeremy Chadwick, Betty Mims, our lost loved ones and our service men and women.
Congratulations to Alan and Lauren Burnett on the birth of their son Thomas Burnett.

Friendship Baptist
Bro. Ken Daniel’s message was from Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, titled “Life Under the Sun vs. Life Under the Son.” God can and will fill the emptiness in a soul.
Pam Jones sang “Surely the Presence of the Lord Is In This Place.”
On Jan. 29 we had “Raymond Powell Day” for his 19 years of service at Friendship. Our church was full of his family and friends. Bro. Raymond’s good friend, Dr. Don Graham brought the morning message. Bro. Raymond and Bro. Don served many years together at a previous church.
Carl and Jean Headley were also here to sing a beautiful song in his honor. Bro. Charles Funderburk, one of Bro. Raymond’s first bosses, was also here with us to celebrate.
Sunday Jan. 29, we had a blast with the men’s cake bake off. There were 10 cakes entered. The best tasting cake winner was Dusty Dutton’s carrot cake. Second place was Pastor Ken Daniel’s orange marmalade cake.
Feb. 12 – Valentine’s Dinner following the morning service. Tickets must be purchased in advance. This is a fundraising event for our youth.
Feb. 25-26 – “On Mission Celebration,” missions fair and rally.
March 7-13 – Association Guatemala Medical Mission Trip
Prayer Request: Vernette Powell, Vivian Sanders Jones, Kathy Jones, Ricky Pasco, JoAnn Lyles, Jim Staggs, Shelbie Adams, Martha Hilyer, Debra Mims, Frank Mims Family, Lillian Thompson, Donald Banks, Derek Griffin, Carter Petty, Lucille Price, Betty Mims

Mars Hill Baptist
We had a wonderful service of five babies being dedicated back to God who gave them to those parents.
The minister asked the parents “Do you promise to bring this child up in the nourishment and admonition of the Lord?” and the parents give the very solemn answer of “we do.” What a touching ceremony.
The congregation sang, “Jesus Loves Me” for these five babies. May God be with you parents as you bring up your child.
We continue to have several out sick, some having tests, surgery, etc. Please remember them. Saturday, Feb. 18 at 6 p.m. will be our Senior Adult Supper, join us for food and fun.
Our Children’s Church continues to grow. The young children line up like little ducks ready to go to “their” church. Thank you to the adults who lead them, you are doing a good job.

Mt. Springs
Services started Sunday morning with Bro. Kenneth Moates leading the church in the following hymns: “Glory to His Name,” “I’ve Got That Old Time Religion in My Heart,” “Lord Lead Me On,” and “Heaven’s Jubilee.”
Bro. Roger Cleckler gave a devotion from Matthew 8:23. Anytime we go where Jesus is, we’re going to be all right. Always trust Jesus because he is right there with us.
Bro. Don’s message came from Psalms 48:14. God will guide you until you get to the place where he wants you to be. God is our guide, he knows the journey, he knows the way, and he’s never going to lead us astray.
Sunday night services began with Bro. Kenneth leading the church in the hymns “Old Time Power,” “I Never Shall Forget the Day,” and “I Want to Know More About My Lord.”
Bro. Kenneth gave a devotion from Matthew 8:1-3. Jesus should always be the center of attention. We always need to come into the house of God ready to worship.
Caitlyn Patterson, Kandice Cleckler, and Kadie Coker sang “I Have Been Blessed,” which is a wonderful song that teaches all of us just how much God had blessed us throughout our lives.
Bro. Don’s message came from 1 John 3:1-2. When God forgives, he also forgets. It doesn’t matter what you was in your past, it matters what you are today in Christ.

Mt. Carmel No. 1
Our special music Sunday morning was a song that was a true blessing. “Goodbye World Medley,” a song with a wonderful message as sung by our choir. Tammy Harmon sang the praise solo.
The sermon was “The Most Expensive Meal in History,” from Genesis 3:1-8. The bad choice of Eve to eat of the tree of life made it a very expensive meal. “But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, ‘Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.’”  Just like Eve, we today choose to make bad choices. We listen to the serpent, but in conclusion, the most expensive meal is the Lord’s Supper.
Sunday night after a great time singing some old songs. Bro. Derrell brought a wonderful message from 1 Kings 19:4, “Giants under Junipers.”
Adult one and two classes will be having a Valentine Supper at the Kountry Kitchen Feb. 10.
Prayer requests for the week are: Robert Childress, Mary Godwin, Cecil Franklin, Elladene Mims, and many others, some unspoken, and pray for the lost. Our sympathies go to Marty and Holly Smith for the loss of Marty’s mother. Our prayers are with you.