Sullivan receives CAEC Bright Ideas Grant

Published 2:19 pm Monday, February 6, 2012

Jacqueline Sullivan of Maplesville High School was one of 21 area teachers to receive a 2012 Bright Ideas Grant through Central Alabama Electric Cooperative’s educational grant program.

Teachers, students and area schools were awarded $16,000 in grants to benefit more than 4,100 students in five counties.

Bright Ideas Grant recipient Jacqueline Sullivan (second from right) was presented a 2012 Bright Ideas Grant by CAEC board members Van Smith, President Chase Riddle, David Kelley, Ruby Neeley, Patsy Holmes, Mark Presnell Sr. and Vice President Jimmie Harrison Jr. during a reception Jan. 17 in Prattville. Sullivan is an English teacher at MHS.

Sullivan, an English teacher at MHS, decided to apply for her grant after reading a book called “Mentor: The Kid and the CEO” by Tom Pace.

She wanted to share the book with her students and has been able to with the help of grant funds.

“I was empowered by it,” Sullivan said of the book. “I really suggest that, if possible, all the schools in the county have at least a few copies on hand for students to read. It’s a great read for adults as well as students.”

Sullivan said she purchased hardback and paperback copies of the book, as well as a DVD and workbook to accompany class instruction.

“It has been a big hit,” she said. “Kids in upper grades have asked to check out a book and read. I see firsthand now how it is catching on and how students are learning from the books and wanting to read the books.”

Sullivan said she is thinking about applying for another grant next year to arrange for the author of “Mentor: The Kid and the CEO” to visit MHS.

“If I see my students enjoy it and wanting to read on their own, that’s enough for me,” Sullivan said.

Other Chilton County teachers who received 2012 grants are Jennifer Blencowe, Heather Frederick, Pam Roy and Angela Wilson, all of Chilton County High School.

A panel of judges from local community associations evaluated this year’s grant proposals.

CAEC introduced the Bright Ideas Grant Program in 1998 with the goal of supporting innovative, interesting and effective initiatives that are not usually covered by traditional school funding.

Grants are intended to help enhance teachers’ efforts and are awarded to individuals or teams in public, private and home schools within CAEC’s service area.

“Today’s educators face many challenges in the classroom, including the search for funds to reach their students by new and innovative means,” said CAEC President and CEO Tom Stackhouse. “We are honored to support these individuals in that quest by helping them to connect with their students through meaningful projects.”

CAEC has awarded approximately $208,000 to local schools through the program, and more than 83,400 students in all grade levels and subject areas have benefited from Bright Ideas grants.