School software keeps parents informed

Published 3:04 pm Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chilton County Schools have implemented the iHome Parent Portal, a free web-based student information application that gives parents and students online access to grades, assignments, attendance, schedules, emergency information and more.

The iHome system allows parents to monitor all aspects of their children’s education.

“It’s a great tool to not have to wait on a report card,” Superintendent Dave Hayden said. “They can continue to keep up with their students’ progress.”

Hayden said iHome is part of iNow, a statewide computer registration program Chilton County transitioned to last year from an older Software Technology Inc. program.

Schools have worked to iron out some wrinkles in iNow and School Messenger, an automatic calling system that allows administrators to send out messages with important updates, such as school closings for severe weather.

“We used (the) new calling system for our bad weather last week,” Hayden said. “Overall, it seemed like it was successful, but it being new, we still have some things to work out.”

Parents should call their children’s schools if they would like to be added or removed from the School Messenger lists.

“We just encourage all parents to go to their school and get a username and password,” Hayden said. “We’re looking forward to having it up again.”

Parents should be prepared to show identification and complete a sign-up sheet to receive login information.

All students with the same parent or guardian listed will show in iHome, and parents with children in different schools will only need one login and password.

The schools will not be allowed to give out passwords over the phone.

For more information, call the Chilton County Board of Education at (205) 280-3000.