Jemison wishes police officer farewell

Published 1:44 pm Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Jemison City Council accepted Officer Tera Mayfield’s resignation from the Jemison Police Department at its meeting Jan. 17.

Mayfield has been with the department for three years, Chief Shane Fulmer said.

“It took her two days to tell me,” Fulmer said of Mayfield, noting that her resignation came because of another career opportunity.

“She was an awesome officer,” Mayor Eddie Reed said. “We just simply hate losing such a good officer. She was very dedicated and professional.”

The council approved an amended ordinance for the police department’s pay scale in its manual, including guidelines for pay grades and pay steps for the department.

In new business, the council:

•Discussed amending an ordinance to change the minimum acreage requirement in an agriculture district from 10 acres to one acre.

•Adjusted Jemison resident Rhonda Picken’s water bill according to a city ordinance

•Approved a 50-cent pay raise for city employees Karen McMinn and Andy Sutley according to the 90-day city policy for full-time hire.

•Approved buying a half-page ad in The Clanton Advertiser’s Progress Edition for $775.