Couponing class coming to Clanton Jan. 10

Published 2:01 pm Thursday, January 5, 2012

Anyone familiar with couponing knows the best deals are free deals—so naturally, Rebecca Corley of Clanton is offering her couponing class for free.

Corley is a “couponer” who wanted to share her coupon-clipping commentary and store-scavenging strategies with more people than her close friends and family.

Her one-night class called “Couponing for Beginners” will be Tuesday, Jan. 10 at Grace Fellowship Church from 6:30-8 p.m.

“If it’s something that takes off, I could do another one easily,” Corley said. “I’m trying to give to a broad group. There’s a lot to cover.”

Corley will provide handouts to all attendees, as well as information on couponing blogs, Internet coupons, how to organize coupons and how to navigate the stores.

“I’m capitalizing on the idea that everyone is resolving to spend less money in the new year,” she said. “It’s definitely a learning process, and it definitely takes time.”

Corley said she started couponing on a regular basis last January and learned how to save on items her family needed, adding that her hobby is nothing like the hoarding often portrayed on the popular TV show “Extreme Couponing.”

“It’s just kind of an intro,” she said of her first class. “Helpful pointers, how to do it correctly, how to work the best deals … I figured I’d cover the basics.”

The class will be in the sanctuary at Grace Fellowship, which is located at 1208 Fourth Avenue in Clanton.