Tips for keeping New Year’s resolution to get in shape

Published 1:42 pm Friday, December 30, 2011

Every year, countless Americans make out New Year’s resolutions the last week in December, only to completely give them up or forget them the first week in February.

All too often, people who desire to bring about change in their lives set the bar too high. They try to tackle too much in the very beginning, only to get burned out within the first few weeks. Still, not all New Year’s resolutions are doomed; instead, with the proper help, many resolutions can be turned into habits in no time at all.

For those who look to make working out go from a lofty resolution to a part of their regular routines, Nat Fuller of Anytime Fitness in Jemison offers these tips:

1.) Realistic Expectations. Like anything else worth working for, improved health takes time and has its price. “Expect to be sore the first couple of weeks,” said Fuller. “[Expectations] depend on health.” Someone who has not been practicing the strictest of regimens shouldn’t expect to look like the after picture in a Charles Atlas brochure after just a week in the gym. Having realistic expectations can help someone stick to a resolution.

2.) Motivation. “The main thing [to keeping resolutions] is motivation,” said Fuller. “The best way is to bring a friend [to workout with you].” Having a workout partner increases the chances of sticking to a workout plan. With a buddy system in place, accountability presides over the thought of not keeping a resolution.

3.) Stay With It. Results will come over time; just be patient. Fuller said they can come quickly, just given the amount of dedication someone puts in. “It’s feasible to lose three to five pounds a week,’ he said. “If you eat right and exercise regularly.”

Depending on how seriously a person takes their routine and how committed they are to making a change can affect how much of a difference is seen. As simple as it sounds, staying with a routine provides results; dropping it provides nothing other than another year of empty resolutions.