Chilton County 911 has new website

Published 3:32 pm Thursday, December 22, 2011

A screen shot of Chilton County 911's new website.

Chilton County’s 911 has a new website, which Director Dan Wright hopes will bring benefits to county residents.

The site,, features a homepage with a link to a news story about Wright being named director of the agency and email addresses for Wright, Assistant Director Sandy Strength and the agency in general (, as well as telephone numbers for general information and the dispatch office.

Wright said the website is actually the result of an effort to get email addresses for administrative staff.

“It happened faster than I anticipated,” he said. “My initial goal was to get email addresses, mostly for internal communication. In having to obtain our own domain, we figured we would go ahead and push out a new website.”

Perhaps most useful at the moment for local residents is a feature on the site that allows people to request their addresses be added to the 911 database. An accurate address allows emergency personnel to respond more efficiently.

The online form simplifies the process of being added to the database.

“There’s no phone tag or anything like that,” Wright said.

Wright said he hopes to get call statistics on the site at some point so they will be viewable by the public. The director also said he has also experimented with a program that allows notifications about severe weather to be posted on the 911 Facebook page and Twitter feed.

“We want to open up as many lines of communication as possible between us and the public,” Wright said.