Man arrested for allegedly impersonating police officer

Published 2:28 pm Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jemison police arrested a man Thursday for impersonating a police officer.

Paul Adam Pullen of Vestavia was charged with impersonating a police officer and booked in the Chilton County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

On Saturday, Nov. 26, Jemison Police were called out to a home in the 14000 block of County Road 42 East. When officers arrived, they were met by a man who identified himself as Deputy Paul Pullen of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, according to JPD Chief Shane Fulmer.

Pullen also showed officers a badge and said he was working on a case that involved a minor child, Fulmer said.

“Sgt. Randy Morris and Officer Floyd Glass gathered more information and once all the circumstances and events played out, the officers knew that something wasn’t quite right about this individual,” Fulmer wrote in a press release. “The case that he was supposedly working on did exist; however, nothing Pullen told the officers as to whom he was and where he worked made sense.”

Jemison officers have determined Pullen is a certified law enforcement officer, but only is a reserve deputy for Jefferson County.

“Reserve deputies are prohibited by state law from acting alone as a law enforcement officer. In no way is he a deputy in Jefferson County with a deputy’s authority and has no right as a reserve deputy to act in the capacity of a regular deputy sheriff,” Fulmer said. “We believe that Pullen was actually working in the capacity as a private investigator and was using his affiliation with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to facilitate his private work.”

The charge of impersonating a police officer is a Class C felony, Fulmer said.