Sheriff’s reports for the week of Monday, Nov. 21, 2011

Published 1:36 pm Monday, November 28, 2011

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from Nov. 2-8:

Nov. 2
•Burglary third, theft of property first: 11300 block County Road 15, Maplesville
•Domestic violence third, criminal mischief first: 300 block County Road 790, Clanton
•Theft of property second: 200 block County Road 369, Clanton
•Identity theft: 5600 block Alabama 155, Montevallo
•Property damage: 3600 block Alabama 145, Clanton
•Domestic violence third: 3600 block County Road 47, Clanton
•Domestic incident: 700 block County Road 130, Calera
•Reckless endangerment, harassment: 1400 block County Road 121, Jemison
•Failure to pay for gasoline: 11000 block County Road 59, Verbena
•Distribution of controlled substance: Karl’s One Stop, Clanton
•Harassing communications: County Road 2001, Clanton

Nov. 3
•Possession of drug paraphernalia, failure of sex offender to transfer and establish legal residence, manufacture of controlled substance first: 14200 block County Road 24, Verbena
•Harassment: 6400 block County Road 48, Jemison
•Theft of property second, burglary third: 3500 block County Road 30, Clanton
•Harassing communications: 2800 block County Road 241, Clanton
•Harassing communications, theft of property second: 200 block County Road 856, Jemison
•Overdose: 100 block County Road 969, Montevallo

Nov. 4
•Criminal trespass second: County Road 604, Clanton
•Sexual abuse second: 600 block Thrash Road
•Possession of controlled substance: County Road 49, Verbena
•Assault first: 1400 block County Road 356, Clanton

Nov. 5
•Possession of marijuana second, possession of drug paraphernalia, public intoxication, possession of controlled substance: 3500 block County Road 49, Clanton
•Theft by deception third: 300 block County Road 144, Calera
•Suspicious incident: County Road 438, Verbena
•Burglary third, theft of property second: 200 block County Road 229
•Public intoxication, DUI: 11500 block County Road 59, Verbena
•Criminal mischief second: 12500 block Alabama 191, Maplesville
•Harassing communications: 200 block County Road 859, Montevallo
•Resisting arrest, DUI: KFC, Clanton

Nov. 6
•Domestic violence third: County Road 450, Clanton
•Criminal mischief third: 200 block County Road 237, Clanton
•Criminal trespass third: 300 block County Road 859, Jemison
•Domestic violence third: 1100 block County Road 438, Verbena
•Suspicious person: 300 block County Road 240, Thorsby
•Domestic violence third: 200 block County Road 636, Clanton
•Unwanted guest: 100 block County Road 1075, Clanton

Nov. 7
•Criminal mischief second, domestic violence third: County Road 947, Thorsby
•Burglary third, theft of property second: 700 block County Road 530, Verbena
•Domestic violence third: 7100 block Alabama 155, Montevallo
•Fraudulent use of credit/debit card, theft of property second: Victim’s vehicle
•Theft of property third, unlawful breaking and entering vehicle, criminal mischief second, burglary third: 800 block County Road 377, Billingsley
•Sexual abuse of child less than 12 years old: Peachtree Apartments, Clanton
•Distribution of controlled substance: 200 block Augusta Street, Clanton
•Theft of property: 2700 block County Road 18 West, Clanton

Nov. 8
•Giving false identification to law enforcement officer: County Road 24 and County Road 49, Verbena
•Possession of controlled substance: 300 block County Road 570, Verbena
•Criminal trespass third: County Road 1046, Clanton
•Burglary third, theft of property first: County Road 213, Jemison
•Overdose: 15600 block County Road 42, Jemison
•Domestic violence third, giving false information to law enforcement officer: 1600 block Alabama 191, Jemison