Girls high school basketball preview

Published 9:04 pm Monday, November 14, 2011

Billingsley Bears


Shunn Bailey (second season)


10-Christian Hicks-Sr.

12-Payton Wallace-So.

14-Domonique Watkins-Sr.

20-Sierra Shealy

22-Shannon Massey-Sr.

24-Lori Davis

30-Keylondrea Tyus-So.

32-Madison Price-So.

40-Denesha Drake-So.

42-Claire McFarland-So.

44-Whitney Roberts-Sr.

54-Alexis Cook-Fr.


11/18 at Verbena

11/21 at Chilton Co.

11/29 at Autaugaville

12/9 at Thorsby*

12/10 Verbena

12/19 at Isabella*

1/3 at R.C. Hatch*

1/5 Thorsby*

1/6 Maplesville

1/13 R.C. Hatch*

1/17 at Francis Marion*

1/19 Isabella*

1/20 at Maplesville

1/24 Francis Marion*

1/26 Dallas Co.

1/30 Autaugaville

1/31 Chilton Co.

2/3 at Dallas Co.


With coach Shunn Bailey back for his second season—along with four of five starters—Billingsley is looking for improvement this year. “This year I am expecting us to be a lot more competitive,” Bailey said. “We are in a tough area so we are going to have to play tough.”

Chilton Christian Patriots


Todd Stephens (seventh season)


3-Hannah Bolton-7th-G

4-Andrea Powell-Fr.-G

5-Mary’l Smitherman-So.-F

10-Jessica Standifer-Jr.-G

13-Summer Voyles-8th-G

15-Rebekah Kirkland-Jr.-F

20-Destiny Richards-Jr.-F

21-Alissa Harris-Sr.-F

22-Taylor Richards-7th-F

24-Abby Garrison-8th-G

32-Alex Headley-Fr.-G

42-Emily Davis-8th-F

43-Torie Hodges-8th-G

44-Stephanie Hagler-Sr.-F


11/10 at Glen Iris (L)

11/15 at Marion Academy

11/18 Conecuh Springs

12/2 at Conecuh Springs

12/6 Brooklane Baptist

1/6 at Brooklane Baptist

1/10 at Cahawba Christian*

1/13 Marion Academy*

1/17 at Victory-Millbrook*

1/20 Cahawba Christian*

1/24 Victory-Millbrook*

2/3 at Flint Hill*

2/6 at Tuscaloosa Christian

2/10 Glen Iris


Most members of the Chilton Christian Academy roster have played together at least the past couple of years—even though there are only two seniors. Coach Todd Stephens said the goal is a berth in the state tournament. “We’ve got a good enough team,” he said. “It’s just a matter of getting everybody in the right position doing the right thing.”

Chilton Co. Tigers


Deon Timmons (second season)


00-Taylor Connell-Jr.-G

3-Keondra Looney-Sr.-F

11-Kiana DeJarnett-So.-G

12-Pashawn Quince-Fr.-C

14-Lauren Baker-So.-F

22-Ashton Thomas-Fr.-F

23-Brittany Kine-Jr.-C

24-Sabrina Osborne-Jr.-F/C

30-Chynna Davis-Jr.-F

32-Alexis Fuson-So.-F

34-Diana Guerrero-So.-F

40-Deonsha Timmons-So.-G

40-Shuntara Washington-Sr.-C

44-Kanekia Davis-Jr.-G

45-Kadesha Lee-Fr.-G


11/17 Holtville

11/21 Billingsley

11/28 at Verbena

11/29 at Chelsea

12/2 at Jemison

12/9 Tuscaloosa-Central*

12/10 at Marbury

12/12 Chelsea

12/13 at Holtville

12/16 at Brookwood*

12/20-22 at Childersburg Tournament

12/27-29 at Calera Tournament

1/3 Brookwood

1/5 Maplesville

1/6 at Paul Bryant*

1/9-14 Chilton County Tournament

1/17 Paul Bryant*

1/20 at Tuscaloosa-Central*

1/26 at Maplesville

1/27 Marbury

1/31 at Billingsley

2/3 Jemison


Lauren Baker, Kiana DeJarnett and Sabrina Osborne are returning starters, and coach Deon Timmons has even more reason for optimism because of the addition of newcomers Keondra DeJarnett, Deonsha Timmons and Chynna Davis. “We expect them to be able to come in and help the program,” Deon Timmons said.

Isabella Mustangs


Jared Day (second season)


0-Brianna Tyler-8th-F

2-Hayden Compton-Sr.-F

10-Khadijah Craig-Jr.-F

12-Allison Mims-Sr.-G

20-Kinslee Mims-Jr.-G

23-Brantley Brasher-So.-G

24-Ashley Worthey-Jr.-F

25-Chasity Williams-Jr.-G

30-Savannah Higgins-So.-G

33-Savannah Kissel-Sr.-C

34-Sydney Foster-Jr.-G

42-Kristin Smitherman-So.-F


11/12 at Lady Titan Tip-Off Tournament

11/29 Francis Marion*

12/5 at Jemison

12/9 at Francis Marion*

12/13 at Verbena

12/15 Thorsby*

12/16 at Victory Christian*

12/19 Billingsley*

1/2 Verbena

1/6 at Thorsby*

1/19 at Billingsley*

1/20 at R.C. Hatch*

1/23 Jemison

1/26 R.C. Hatch*

1/27 Victory Christian*

1/30 Maplesville

2/2 at Maplesville


Isabella will have to replace its top two scorers from last season, but an even bigger concern for coach Jared Day might be getting his team to play consistently from the beginning of the season to the end, unlike last year. “We got off to a good start last year but did not finish very well,” Day said. “Our goal for the season is to improve on last year’s record and try to win the area tournament, which will be very tough to do because we are in a tough area.”

Jemison Panthers


Leighsa Robinson (first season, also coached from 2005-2009)


2-Laura Vinzant-Fr.-G

4-Morgan Lucas-So.-G

5-Shayna Robinson-Sr.-F

12-Denten Ellison-So.-F

14-Elaine Chen-Fr.-G

15-Shelby Griffin-Jr.-F

20-Yasmine Stoudemire-So.-G

24-Ashley Brown-Sr.-F

32-Shelby Lopez-Sr.-G


11/21 at Shades Mountain Tournament

11/28 at Holtville

12/2 Chilton County

12/5 Isabella

12/6 at Verbena

12/9 Bibb County*

12/12 Southside-Selma*

12/13 Dallas County*

12/20 Maplesville

1/3 Verbena

1/6 at Bibb County*

1/20 at Southside-Selma*

1/23 at Isabella

1/27 Montevallo

1/30 at Montevallo

1/31 at Maplesville

2/3 at Chilton County

2/6 Holtville


Coach Leighsa Robinson returns to the bench at Alton Cobb Gymnasium after leading the Panthers from 2005-2009. Robinson will work with returning guards Shelby Lopez and Yasmine Stoudemire, and post players Shayna Robinson and Shelby Griffin. “We hope to be very competitive in area and county play,” Leighsa Robinson said. “The focus has been on fundamentals, ball handling and free throws.”

Maplesville Red Devils


Eric Bailey (15th season)


Kiana Andrews-Jr.

Keshia Bailey-Jr.

Ebony Childress-Sr.

Bailee Connell-7th

Kendreanna Griffin-Fr.

Catherine Jones-Fr.

Victoria Lawson-Sr.

Shiquina Lilly-So.

Larosa Perry-7th

Mia Ramsey-Jr.

Amber Uptain-Fr.

Megan Weaver-7th


12/1 Thorsby

12/2 Akron*

12/8 Autaugaville*

12/9 Verbena

12/20 at Jemison

1/3 Keith*

1/5 at Chilton Co.

1/6 at Billingsley

1/17 at Autaugaville*

1/19 Sunshine*

1/20 Billingsley

1/23 at Thorsby

1/24 at Keith*

1/26 Chilton County

1/30 at Isabella

1/31 Jemison

2/2 Isabella

2/3 at Verbena


Maplesville’s squad will include two seniors, only one of which has varsity experience. But Ebony Childress, Keshia Bailey, Kiana Andrews and others have led the Red Devils in the past and will do so once again.

Thorsby Rebels


Ginger Williams (first season)


5-Braiden Gottier-So.

10-Paris Evans-Sr.

11-Keela Lucas-So.

14-Sharonda Cooper-Sr.

21-Laken Patterson-So.

24-Megan Sanchez-So.

32-Haley Barnett-Jr.

34-Jennifer Spivey-So.

42-Brianna Ellison-Jr.


11/15 at Verbena

11/17 Fayetteville

11/18 Alabama Christian

11/29 at R.C. Hatch*

12/1 at Maplesville

12/2 Montgomery Catholic

12/9 Billingsley*

12/13 Francis Marion*

12/15 at Isabella*

12/19 Verbena

12/20 at Francis Marion*

1/3 Elmore County

1/5 at Billingsley*

1/6 Isabella*

1/17 at Elmore County

1/19 at Montgomery Catholic

1/23 Maplesville

1/24 R.C. Hatch*

1/27 at Fayetteville

2/2 at Alabama Christian


New coach Ginger Williams will grow and learn with several new players. “Luckily, we do have a few who played varsity last year, and that helps,” Williams said. “Basketball is a long season, and at the end we want to be playing our best and playing together—that is our goal.”

Verbena Red Devils


Nicole Ivey (first season)


1-Victoria Fletcher-Fr.

5-Lacey Short-Jr.

10-Lakeyn Edwards-Jr.

12-Hope Driver-Jr.

20-Allyson Brown-Sr.

24-Jameshia Green-Jr.

42-Alyssa Evans-So.

44-Marqueska Deramus-Sr.


11/15 Thorsby

11/18 Billingsley

11/29 Chilton County

12/6 Jemison

12/9 at Maplesville

12/10 at Billingsley

12/13 Isabella

12/19 at Thorsby

12/20 at Notasulga*

1/2 at Isabella

1/3 at Jemison

1/6 St. Jude*

1/17 at Loachapoka*

1/24 at St. Jude*

1/27 Notasulga*

1/31 Loachapoka*

2/3 Maplesville


With two seniors leading the way for a roster full of underclassmen, first-year coach Nicole Ivey said she thinks Verbena will improve as the season progresses. “The girls have been working hard each day at practice to improve their basketball skills and also their teamwork and communication skills,” Ivey said.