More copper theft arrests made

Published 4:33 pm Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clanton Police Department detectives have made arrests in two more copper theft cases. In both burglaries, copper wire was taken from houses being either built or remodeled.

Dustin McCraney, David McTigue and Michael Rhodes were arrested in connection with a burglary that happened earlier this week.

According to police reports, a home that was being remodeled in the 900 block of Eighth Street was broken into around Nov. 6 and stripped of copper wiring.

McCraney and McTigue were charged with burglary, criminal mischief and theft of property. They were placed in the Chilton County Jail under bonds totaling $6,500 each. Rhodes was charged with receiving stolen property and booked on a $500 bond.

Evidence gathered from the Eighth Street burglary helped detectives crack an older case from Mt. Pleasant Road, according to Police Chief Brian Stilwell.

CPD officers arrested Rhodes as well as Richard Trammell and Daniel Dunn in connection with a burglary that occurred approximately six months ago in the 1600 block of Mt. Pleasant Road.

In the case, a new home under construction was also stripped of its copper wiring back in April. Trammell, Dunn and Rhodes were all charged with burglary, theft of property and criminal mischief. They were arrested Monday and placed in the Chilton County Jail under bonds totaling $15,000 each.

Stilwell said his department is seeing break-ins where the only thing taken is copper wire.

“Even with copper prices on the decline, we are still seeing a lot of burglaries where copper is the main target,” he said.

Anyone with information about these two cases or other thefts should contact Cpl. Robert Bland or Sgt. Cameron Bates at (205) 755-1194 or email

“A lot of these are happening during the day. If you see something out of place, it probably is,” Stilwell said. “Call us and let us look into it; that is what we are here for.”

Clanton Police Dispatch can be reached by dialing 911 during emergencies or by calling (205) 755-1120.