FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Unsung hero finally gets recognition

Published 3:29 pm Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In a game that wound up with a score of 58-50, it would be hard to imagine a defensive player being the difference.

But sophomore Carl Mitchell might have been exactly that in Chilton Christian Academy’s Christian Football Association state championship win last week.

“He was pretty much in on every tackle,” CCA coach Todd Stephens said. “He was disrupting everything the offense was doing.”

Scoring is the norm in six-man football, and Mitchell helps with that also, playing on the line and returning kickoffs. But it was his defensive efforts that earned him Most Valuable Player recognition for the game—and The Clanton Advertiser’s Player of the Week honor.

A safety, Mitchell is often responsible for receivers running routes over the middle of the field, along with the help of freshman Kevin Kemp.

“He does so much in the game that doesn’t get noticed,” Stephens said. “He’s been our most consistent player, from start to finish.”

With last week’s win, CCA won the first CFA title, in what was also the first year the school fielded a team.

Honorable mention

•Carlos Caver, Billingsley

•Anthony Johnson, Maplesville

•Christian Littleton, Isabella

Previous winners

•Week 1: Javae Swindle, Jemison

•Week 2: Damian Mitchell, Maplesville

•Week 3: DeRodgus Campbell, Isabella

•Week 4: Jimmie Lanier, Billingsley

•Week 5: Braden McRae, Thorsby

•Week 6: Michael Seaton, Chilton Co.

•Week 7: Matt Morgan, Thorsby

•Week 8: Richard Hilliard, Chilton Co.

•Week 9: Tyler Smith, Isabella

•Week 10: Madison Bolton, Jemison