CIS holds fourth grade honor roll tea

Published 1:49 pm Friday, October 21, 2011

Clanton Intermediate School honored fourth-graders who made all As for the first nine weeks with a tea Friday.

Clanton Intermediate School recognized fourth graders who earned all As the first nine weeks of school during a “Tiger Pride” A honor roll tea on Friday.

CIS holds four honor roll teas every year, one after each set of nine weeks.

“I want to congratulate everyone for the great job you did the first nine weeks of school,” CIS Principal Dennis Cobb said. “This may be the largest group we’ve had in four or five years.”

Clanton Middle School Principal Don Finlayson served as guest speaker for the tea and helped CIS counselor Lisa Baker distribute certificates.

“We are all very proud of you and everything you’ve done,” Finlayson said to the students. “Especially those great grades. We keep recognizing you for your good grades, also.”

Students who earned all As were: Caleb Acreman, Mia Batchelor, Maddy Barrington, Kylie Bee, Claea Bice, Kallen Bolton, Kayla Brown, Brandon Coggins, Tara Connell, Mya Corley, Kearsten Cranmore, Lucas Dale, Kyle Davis, Sara Kate Emmerich, Diana Gillespie, Keely Headley, Brody Henley, Madison Henley, Sarah Beth Huntley, Derreck Ivey, Justin Liveoak, Caydee Grace Miller, Bryson Mims, Hannah Mims, Kaitlin Mims, Kenley Minor, Blake Moates, Jada Neal, Grace Nolen, Lawson Patterson, Lydia Patterson, Logan Popwell, Jaycie Porter, Anna Reid, Caroline Ricks, Jon Nelson Robinson, Jason Shi, Vivian Sierra, Connor Simms, Harrison Smith, Amanda Sparks, Katherine Speaks, Claire Staggs, Rylee Thornton, Karli Tilley, Ananda Torres, Cohen Vail, Caleb Wester, Mollie Wilson and Hailey Wingard.