Sheriff’s reports for the week of Monday, Oct. 10, 2011

Published 11:17 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from Sept. 28 through Oct. 4:

Sept. 28
•Drug trafficking, possession of marijuana second, possession of drug paraphernalia, promote prison contraband second: 300 block City Street, Clanton
•Assault second, resisting arrest: 900 block County Road 182, Clanton
•Civil dispute: 3700 block County Road 16, Clanton
•Theft of property second: 7100 block County Road 37, Clanton
•Harassment: East Chilton Fire Department
•Theft of property second, theft of property third, unlawful breaking and entering vehicle: County Road 968, Randolph
•Theft of property first: 9600 block County Road 37, Clanton
•Harassing communications: 4000 block County Road 81, Clanton
•Burglary third, theft of property first: County Road 425, Clanton
•Harassment: 2600 block County Road 81, Clanton
•Unlawful access/destruction of intellectual property, theft of property second: 1000 block County Road 91, Jemison
•Criminal mischief third degree: 1500 block County Road 116, Montevallo

Sept. 29
•Burglary third, criminal trespass second, theft of property second: 4700 block County Road 76, Clanton
•Animal complaint: 400 block County Road 895, Jemison
•Criminal mischief first: 9100 block County Road 16
•Unauthorized use of vehicle: 800 block County Road 144, Calera
•Burglary third, theft of property second: County Road 556, Clanton
•Causing of delinquency, dependency or need of supervision of children: County Road 1046, Clanton
•Theft of property first: 300 block County Road 410

Sept. 30
•Domestic incident: 100 block County Road 91, Jemison
•Theft of property second: 4800 block County Road 42, Jemison
•Harassment: 2400 block County Road 61, Clanton
•Theft of property third: 5600 block Highway 155, Montevallo
•Domestic violence third: I-65 Exit 200, Verbena
•Theft of property second, burglary third: 4100 block Alabama 155, Montevallo
•Theft of property first: 2600 block County Road 15, Maplesville

Oct. 1
•Domestic violence second, unlawful imprisonment first: County Road 638, Clanton
•Possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of prohibition law: Lay Dam Boat Launch, County Road 607, Clanton
•Theft first: 1200 block County Road 213, Jemison
•Property dispute: County Road 129, Montevallo
•Harassing communications: 5600 block County Road 51, Clanton
•Criminal trespass third: 8300 block Alabama 191, Maplesville
•Dogs trespassing: 100 block County Road 790, Clanton
•Harassment: County Road 129, Jemison
•Theft of property third: 700 block County Road 502, Verbena
•Criminal mischief third: 100 block County Road 984, Jemison
•Criminal trespass third: 700 block County Road 536, Verbena
•Attempted suicide: County Road 977, Billingsley
•Arson second: 300 block County Road 1075, Clanton
•Domestic violence third: 200 block County Road 254, Clanton

Oct. 2
•Criminal mischief third: County Road 1051, Clanton
•Death investigation: 1300 block County Road 73, Randolph
•Criminal trespass third: 5600 block Alabama 155, Montevallo
•Burglary third, theft of property second: 200 block County Road 856, Jemison
•Domestic incident: County Road 734, Clanton
•Burglary second, theft of property second: 13000 block County Road 24, Verbena
•DUI, attempting to elude officer: County Road 220, Jemison
•Domestic violence third: County Road 734, Clanton
•Harassment: County Road 446, Marbury
•Theft of property first: 10000 block Highway 82, Maplesville

Oct. 4
•Theft of property first: 100 block County Road 373, Billingsley
•Identity theft: 2000 block County Road 228, Clanton
•Theft third: 300 block County Road 53, Clanton
•DUI: County Road 103, Jemison
•Domestic violence third, reckless endangerment: County Road 347, Plantersville
•Private property wreck: 10000 block County Road 49, Verbena