Thorsby to phase out multi-day business trash pick-up

Published 10:36 pm Monday, October 10, 2011

The town of Thorsby will move over the course of the next month to do away with multi-day trash pick-up for 21 businesses.

Public Works Director Terry Jackson provided the council with data showing it was costing Thorsby almost $3,000 to pick-up the garbage, while the town was only bringing in $696 from those customers.

The council voted to phase out the service between now and Nov. 15. Thorsby Mayor Dearl Hilyer said some of the 21 businesses with multi-day pick-up could get by with once-a-week service.

A few will have to get dumpsters and contract out their service, as some larger businesses already do, Jackson said.

Several council members said for those businesses, dumpsters would be cheaper than what the town would have to charge to justify the service.

“I don’t think any business is going to want to pay the rate we would have to charge,” said Councilwoman Tara Jewell.

In other business, the council took the following actions:

•Approved expenses for its 2012 budget totaling $1,906,625. The council approved its revenue side of the budget, which totals the same amount, at its last meeting. The budget includes a $63,000 reserve fund for capital projects.

•Held a public hearing and approved a beer and wine license for Thorsby One Stop.

•Approved sending any council members who want to go to next month’s 2011 Building Communities Conference in Birmingham. The conference costs $35 per person.

•Approved “fogging” over Peterson Street. Chilton County has tried the relatively new coating method on its roads, and County Engineer Tony Wearren believes it will save money.