CMC launches mobile app

Published 8:43 pm Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chilton Medical Center hopes a new mobile app will help patients find health information faster and more conveniently with their smart phones. The hospital recently launched “iTriage,” an application developed by Healthagen.

The technology gives users quick and easy access to medical information along with directions to the closest treatment facilities from their location. iTriage can be accessed through the app stores for iPhone or Android mobile devices or through any Internet-enabled device at

Users can also use iTriage to search medical symptoms, learn about possible causes and treatments of a specific condition and find detailed information about CMC like services, specialties, hours of operation and turn-by-turn directions.

“At Chilton Medical Center, we understand how important it is for the members of our community to access medical care information quickly and conveniently’” said Anne Taddicken, CMC marketing department head. “Our partnership with iTraige allows us to connect with patients when they have an immediate need.”

For more information, contact Taddicken at (205) 280-3536.