Lee spares Chilton County, leaves others without power

Published 11:42 am Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chilton County escaped the brunt of Tropical Storm Lee as it ripped its way through southern and central Alabama over Labor Day weekend.

Residual rains and high winds are forecast for the Clanton area Sept. 6, and temperatures are hovering in the high 50s and low- to mid-60s.

In Clanton, only five customers lost power on Sunday, and the most customers to lose power at any point on Monday were 464, according to Jan Ellis, public relations representative at Alabama Power.

Ellis said a couple of outages occurred around 1 p.m. Monday, but the majority of outages occurred between 5 and 7 p.m.

“It really didn’t start until late yesterday afternoon,” Ellis said. “For that time period, there were scattered outages throughout the area, but all of it was caused from wind and rain and trees.”

Ellis said the rains and winds caused trees and limbs to fall on power lines, which led to outages in the areas of Clanton, Thorsby, Maplesville, Billingsley, Jemison and Lay Dam.

“It was just kind of scattered, and we worked until we got everybody’s power restored,” Ellis said.

As of 9:30 Tuesday morning, Chilton County EMA Director Bill Collum said he was not aware of any damage in Chilton County from the storm other than some fallen trees and tree limbs.

Chilton County Fire Chief David Driver said the Fire Department did not receive calls about serious damage in Clanton from the storm, either.

“We had a bunch of calls, but they had nothing to do with storms,” Driver said. “I don’t think we went on any storm-related calls this weekend.”

Other Alabama counties, including Shelby and Jefferson, were not so fortunate with power.

According to The Birmingham News, Lee has left 183,000 Alabama Power customers throughout the state with no power, and the majority—about 163,000—are in the Birmingham Metro Area.