Arts Council to publish directory

Published 3:34 pm Friday, August 5, 2011

Sometimes to grow a product or group, all you have to do is simply get the word out about it.

Which is what the Chilton County Arts Council hopes to do with the member directory it is planning: get the word out about the local talent in different fields of art to be found in Chilton County.

“If you are a member, we will include you in our directory,” said founder Elizabeth Byrd.

Byrd said part of the reason the directory is being created is to encourage people to use local artists instead of driving elsewhere to find them.

“Artists here are being passed over in larger communities,” she said.

Those who can be featured in the directory aren’t just limited to painters, either. Bands and musical acts are encouraged to join the Arts Council to be featured. The fee to join is $20, regardless of how many members participate in the band.

“[The directory] is a reason to be a member of the arts council,” she said.

Byrd said the debut of the directory will be based on the amount of membership the group has.

“I’m hoping it comes out in January,” she said. “It just depends on membership. If we have less than 20 members, it probably won’t then.”

The availability of hard copies of the directory will depend on membership as well.

“Members will have a hard copy,” she said. “It will also be available through the Chamber of Commerce and through our Facebook page. We want it to be available to the public.”

Those interested in joining the group can attend an art show/members meeting Aug. 14 at the Chilton-Clanton Library. For more information, email Byrd at