Church news for Thursday, Aug. 4, 2011

Published 5:57 pm Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lime Springs United Methodist
Bro. Shannon brought the morning message from Ecclesiastes 3:4 on “A Season of Grief.” He reminded us that life is divided into two seasons. One of those seasons is weeping and mourning over the loss of a loved one. When this season of grief comes, we should take heart that it will soon pass, just like the seasons of the year. However, there are some things we can do to assist in the process.
Reading 2 Samuel 12:15-25, Bro. Shannon shared three things David did to hurry through the season of grief he experienced for losing his son because of his sin. David took care of his spiritual life by praying, fasting and mourning while the child was sick. Then he went to the temple to worship God once the child died. David took care of his physical life by eating after he returned home from worship. Finally, David took care of his social life by continuing his reign as king, teaching his servants about life and caring for his wife.
Happy birthday wishes go to Rick Hurst and Barbara Petty.
We invite everyone to join us for worship at Lime Springs. Our service times are as follows: Sunday School at 9:30 a.m.; Sunday morning worship at 11; evening Bible study at 5; and Wednesday night prayer meeting at 6:30.
For more information, please call 755-6356.

Christ Independent Methodist
Sunday, Dr. Mac Stinson’s morning worship service was the much-loved story of “The Fishes and the Loaves” based on Matthew 14:13-21. This incident records one of the best-known miracles performed by our Lord. Matthew 13:15-18 says, “And when it was evening, his disciples came to him, saying, ‘This is a desert place, and the time is now past; send the multitude away, that they may go into the villages and buy themselves victuals.’ But Jesus said unto them, ‘They need not depart; give ye them to eat.’ And they say unto him, ‘We have here but five loaves and two fishes.’ He said, ‘Bring them hither to me.’”
We know the happy ending to that story. After all had eaten, they gathered up 12 baskets full of fragments that remained.
Your prayers are requested for the following: Dr. Mac Stinson, Horace and Mary Ann Carden, Dwight Sammons, Alex Dawson, Wilma Ellison, Sgt. Johnnie Thackerson, Paul Dean, Mable Mitchell, church family members who are traveling, our military, their families, our country, our church, and always remember little Israel in your prayers.
Next Sunday, Aug. 7 is our single seniors lunch following our morning worship service.
Have a blessed week.

Center Hill Baptist
Upcoming events:
Tuesday, Aug. 2: Free ballet classes for girls 5 and up, at 6:30 p.m. in the choir room
Wednesday, Aug. 3: Children’s musical practice at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall
Friday, Aug. 12: Family cookout and prayer at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall
Wednesday, Aug. 17: Olympians Fascar kickoff at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall.
Jeff Champion continued his sermon series, “Who Is This King of Glory?” with a section entitled, “The Uniqueness of Christ in His Present Ministry.”
1) Jesus is the Leader of a New Creation – contrast between those in Adam and those in Christ (1 Corinthians 15:22-45).  Jesus is in the process of reversing the sin curse of Adam (Romans 8:20-22).  Jesus currently sits in heaven as Head of a new and transformed people (1 John 3:14).  One must be born again (2 Corinthians 5:17).
2) Jesus is the Head of His Body, the Church. The duty of the church is to carry out the instructions of Christ (Colossians 1:18, 2:19).
3) Jesus is the Shepherd of the sheep. As our shepherd, Jesus provides salvation, security and satisfaction (John 10:7-11, Hebrews 13:20, Psalm 23:1-4).
4) Jesus is the Vine supporting the branches. There are three characteristics of fruit:  to reflect the nature of the vine, to be visible, and to grow for the benefit of others (John 15:1-6).
5) Jesus is the Foundation and Cornerstone (1 Corinthians 3:10-11; 1 Peter 2:4-6).
6) Jesus is the Bridegroom of the Church (Ephesians 5:25-27; Revelation 19:7-9).
7) Jesus is our great High Priest (Hebrews 4).

Bethsalem Baptist
Happy birthday this week to Pam Blalock, Sidney Norman, Jessie Boddie, Lena Cox, Doug Willis, Kyle Mims, Steven Wingard, Jack Ellison, Eva Connell, Kerri Blow, Zachary Tuma, Kenneth Boswell, Bobby Mims, Amber Pike, Toni Ousley, Wendal Hand, Whitney Gray, Luke Thomas, John Gothard and Noe Chavez.
The message by Bro. Cleve Mallory was “Tempted to Trust: the Preparation, the Temptation and the Triumph.”
The evening message by Bro. Cleve was “What is Scripture?”
Pray for Myra Burnett, Charles Bryant, Ruben Kelley, Angie Henley, Michelle Wilson, Chris and Sonja Cox, Lynn Minor, Linnie Hathcock, Joe Ann Adams, Bro. James Moore, Pete Burnett, Linda Henley, Hunter Moore, Austin Childress, Jim Beck, Paul Green, Gertie Sanders, Diane Latham, Sue Coleman, Grace Williams, Donald Cleckler, Betty Pruitt, Jenifer Walls, Wayne Summerlin, those in storm areas, families who have lost loved ones, homebound, and pray for revival to come.
Next Sunday is our first Super Sunday Night with a church-wide summer ending fellowship at Bridgestone campground. There will be lost of fun, fellowship and good eating.

Calvary Independent Baptist Church in Clanton is thankful for and welcome back our visitors that attended this Sunday’s services. We are also very thankful to our music ministry leaders that worked so hard installing new sound equipment and had it operational for this Sunday’s services. The Lord blessed our services in many ways. Our bus ministry had all seats filled in both buses; Jesus is awesome.
Morning services started with our Sunday School classes at 9 a.m. followed by junior church and adult worship at 10 a.m.  Pastor Rick Hatchett delivered a message from Genesis comparing the ark of Noah to salvation, which we have today in Christ. Evening services started at 5:30 p.m. and included our semi-annual business meeting.
Next, a message about tongues was delivered by Youth Pastor Kevin Shaw. The evening services concluded with a fellowship meal in celebration of birthdays and anniversaries for the month of July. Discussion was made for a fish fry this upcoming weekend and also a youth trip for Aug. 13.
For more information on any events, call Pastor Rick Hatchett at 256-786-0977, Associate Pastor Oscar Mims at 205-755-9399 or Youth Pastor Kevin Shaw at 205-351-4585. Come visit with us. We are located in south Clanton just past Dollar General right off U.S. Highway 31 on Fulmer Drive.

Samaria Baptist
Our July 31 service was a wonderful time in the Lord.  Our pastor’s sermon text came from Luke 8:4-15.
Prayer concerns today are for Horace and Gail Cleckler; Ray and Phyllis Hardee, and a praise report was given for the blessings on Mandy Spencer, after her surgery for melanoma.  Her report came back clean!  We are so thankful for blessings like these.  Steve Roberson was our musical guest Sunday; and he sang a song about “Mama’s Roses.”
We must do some work in order for our Christian lives to grow. The word of God endureth forever. It will not wither, wilt or disappear. The word of God is food for our soul.  Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.  Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  God’s word is mighty, and saved people must continue to work in the field; for there is no shortage of lost people in this world.  Share God’s word, for it is the only tool that can save people
Sunday night service began with the baptism of Kendall Reeves. Kendall was saved in bible school, and was very excited about accepting Jesus, and following Him in baptism. Kendall was given a Bible, and a certificate of baptism, on this his special day.  May God bless you all with a wonderful day and if you have need of a church home,  We are waiting for you here at Samaria. God bless you all.

Mt. Carmel No. 1
It was a great day in the God’s house at Mt. Carmel this past Sunday.  Our church family was blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit.  We received an extra blessing when Chad Foshee made it known to the church that he was surrendering to God’s call into the ministry.  His request is that the church family lift him up in prayer.  Chad is seeking for direction into the field where God wants him to go.
Bro. Derrell’s morning message, “God’s G-R-A-C-E,” was taken from Hebrews 4:16.  God’s grace is Great, Redeeming, Abundant, Comforting and Everlasting.  We can find help in time of need through God’s grace.  It is extended to us as a gift even though we don’t deserve it.  It gives us hope when there is none to be found elsewhere and there is a limitless supply.
Our evening services were started with Josie Grimes and Kyle Griffin singing “Do Lord.”  The evening message was “When Your Eyes are on Canaan, but Your Mind is in Egypt.”  The scripture passages used were Exodus 16:1-3 and Romans 8:1-5.
Remember in prayer Ruthie Jean Giles, Sarah Scott, Hershel Scott, Cecil Franklin and Elladene Mims.
Morning services start at 10 a.m.; evening services at 5 p.m. and Wednesday evening at 7.

Friendship Baptist
Bro. Ken’s (Daniel) message was from 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 entitled, “The Last Supper.”
During the evening service, members of the youth group shared experiences from their mission trip in June to “Give Kids the World.” Also, our Baptist Builders shared wonderful information about their trip to Kentucky.
Happy birthday to Patty Headley and Braden Hicks.
Prayer is requested for Wilma Connell, Preston Little, Faye Honeycutt, Pauline Little, Lucille Price, Austin Childress, Faye Powell, unspoken requests and travelers.
Upcoming events:
Aug. 7: Testament concert in the morning service
Aug. 14: “The Hiding Place” movie at 5 p.m.
Aug. 20: back-to-school rally with Seeking Shelter
Aug. 21: Youth Sunday

Cedar Grove
Happy birthday to Peggy Pearson, Donna Caton, Dolly Jean Price, Ken Robinson, Joey Patterson, Billy Joe Caton and Cody Hubbard. Happy anniversary Ralph and Juliet Hayes.
We were glad to see Sis. Corine Gray with us today. She has had so much sorrow; please keep her in your prayers. Pray for Bobby Jones, as he is in the hospital with another heart attack. He has had three open-heart surgeries, so he needs our prayers. Also remember Barbara Oliver, Jimmy Flowers’ mother and Peggy Pearson.
Bro. Jeff Carroll continued his series on “Being Filled with the Holy Ghost” from Philippians 2:12-18, Ephesians 1:15-23 and Colossians 1:21-23.
Sunday evening, Bro. Heath Vines took his sermon from Philippians 3:12-14, 6-10.
We will have a revival beginning 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 26 and continuing Aug. 27 with Bro. Tim Scott as the guest speaker. Sunday is homecoming day with Bro. Tim Scott as speaker and Canaanland as singers. They will be singing in the morning and evening. Come on out and enjoy the good food, great message and wonderful singing.
The youth are trying to make money to buy a church van. I am sure they wouldn’t mind a donation at any time.
One special announcement: Robin and Shannon Bullard are expecting a new bundle of joy due in May; we are so happy for them. They have a precious son, Caden, who is loved by everyone.
God bless and have a good week.

Jackson Chapel
Sis Marie Rhodes taught a good lesson entitled “Live Holy.” Bro Gary Fant got the morning worship started off with “There Is Power In The Blood” and “The Lily Of The Valley” and Bro Horace Wyatt blessed us with “Sheltered in the Arms of God.” Bro Dennis’ message came from Jeremiah 17:5-10. There are things that God can comfort us with when things are bad, but we’ve got to learn to trust God in every situation.
Happy birthday to Wanda Chadwick and Horace Wyatt.
Please remember these as you pray this week: Glenda Hill, David Harrison, Janie Smitherman, Bobby Joe Payton, our servicemen and women and our lost loved ones.
We are located at 4020 Yellowleaf Road in Clanton.  Our service times are as follows: Sunday School at 10, morning worship at 11, evening worship at 6, and Wednesday night prayer meeting and Bible study at 7.  We also have Kid’s Club on Wednesday nights at 7 for grades 1-6.

Mt. Springs
A new member of the church family, Sophie Bice, came for the first time Sunday. We are so glad to have such a beautiful baby girl for our church. Congratulations to Kellie and Ashley Bice.
Bro. Don preached from Ephesians 1:17-20. The title for the message was “The Riches of God’s Grace.” We as Christians don’t understand the value of what we have because we look at the physical things instead of the spiritual things. We are blessed to have the grace of God shining through us. We need to look at what we have in Christ and count it far more valuable than what we have physically. How rich are you today?
To end the service, Bro. Kenneth led the church in hymn “I Must Tell Jesus” and the church prayed over Phyllis Moates for the Lord to be with her through surgery.
Sunday evening, Mt. Springs held a service at Hatley Health Care.  Sunday night we had our end-of-the-month singing. We are so blessed to have such talent at Mt. Springs. The youth shared their experience from Ocoee White Water Rafting. The services ended with a potluck supper.
Our service times are Sunday at 9:45 and 11 a.m. and Wednesday night at 7. Hope to see you there!

Bethany Baptist
Do Christians get tired and weary?  When we do, do we just quit and give up?  One of the best promises in God’s Word is that He will renew us.  In Bro. Steve’s message Sunday morning from Isaiah 40:28-31, we are told that when we might feel faint, weak, guilty, or helpless, God is willing and able to recharge us.  We are told to “wait upon the Lord.”  With hope and expectation, wait for His help, wait for Him to answer our prayers.  God still expects us to do things, but we are to wait on Him to give us the strength we need to continue to serve Him.
We enjoyed Bro. Steve’s special; he sang “Rejoice in the Lord.” It was good to have some friends from out of state in our service and join us for our fifth Sunday meal in the fellowship hall and celebrate Bro. Steve’s birthday last week.
Happy birthday this week to Glenn Vines (Aug. 2).  Chris and Lori Knight are celebrating their anniversary on Aug. 5.  Later in August, Barbara Avery will have a birthday on the 29th.
Prayer list:  Betty Biggs, Lillian Burkhalter, Carl Gray, Ellen Gray, Ophelia Griffin, Ernestine Hatch, Gloria Headley, Larry Miller, Billie Neeley, Jesse Wallace, Steve and Phyllis Vickers.