Thorsby amends court fees

Published 9:11 pm Monday, August 1, 2011

The Thorsby Town Council voted Monday to amend three ordinances concerning municipal court fees and charges.

One change will allow the municipal court judge to collect a fee of up to $200 for public intoxication or possession of an open container of alcohol convictions. The money collected will be deposited into a drug task force fund account.

Another change will increase municipal court costs by $19.50 upon conviction of all traffic cases and $19 upon conviction of all non-traffic cases. Thorsby’s current fee is $25. This increase is in line with district court rates and follows suit with increases by both the cities of Clanton and Jemison.

The last change will add a $150 fee for failure to appear at court for traffic violations and $250 for non-traffic and municipal violations.

The current fee is $69 for traffic and non-traffic violations. The money collected will return to the general funds.

“Two courts ago we had eight or nine [failure to appear] in one night,” said Town Clerk Denise Gunn.