Clanton’s Childress continues to improve

Published 2:39 pm Monday, August 1, 2011

Clanton’s Austin Childress is showing signs of improvement following a motorcycle wreck in Nashville on July 17.

Childress was thrown from his bike after being hit head on by a car. He has been moved to Stallworth Rehabilitation Center in Nashville and has begun rehab treatments.

“He’s been doing everything they’ve asked,” said family friend Scott Springer. “[like] walking between parallel bars. He’ll have another two to three weeks of rehab here, then he’ll have outpatient physical therapy.”

While Childress is making large strides, both literally and figuratively, Springer said he is far from in the clear.

“He’s progressing,” he said. “The brain trauma is causing some impulsive behavior, but nothing bad. The doctors told us that would be part of it. His left side is the slowest to come around. He’ll have his tracheostomy removed [Monday]. ”

Springer also said nurses were discouraging outside visitors, but those close to Childress can log on to to view his progress.