Commission votes down library roofing project

Published 8:07 pm Monday, July 25, 2011

By Theadoris Morris | Staff Writer

The Chilton-Clanton Library roofing project was voted down 5-2 at the Chilton County Commission meeting Monday night.

Commissioner Red Turnipseed asked to renew his motion to put a roof on the library and to include a fire alarm system.

The roof would be a gable roof and would cover the entire building.

“It will cost $251,000, and we have the money available,” said Turnipseed.

Commissioner Greg Moore seconded Turnipseed’s motion.

Commissioner Heedy Hayes explained he wanted to see where all of the money is in the budget, which is why he would be voting “no” for the construction of the library roof.

The funds for the roof would come from the land management and capital improvement funds, which have more than $400,000 available in it, said administrator Vanessa Hendrick.

“Let’s take into consideration that the building belongs to us — the county,” said Commissioner Bobby Agee. “That building represents Chilton County, and I wouldn’t have a leaky roof and neither would you all.”

Hayes mentioned that the county is in emergency spending.

Commissioner Allen Caton said he spoke with Walter McKee and McKee discussed performing the project for half the quoted price.

After further discussion, Chairman Tim Mims decided the commission needed to go ahead and vote on the motion that was made. Commissioners Moore and Turnipseed voted for the roofing project and fire alarm system and Caton, Hayes, Headley Agee and Mims voted against the motion.

Turnipseed said he would go speak with McKee again regarding roof and price alternatives.

In other business, Commander Clifton Blum, a war veteran, addressed the commission on behalf of the veterans in Chilton County as other veterans sat in the audience to support him.

Blum asked the commission if they could help find them a second room to use as an office and a second assistant to help Jennifer Kamerer with attending to veteran affairs.

Agee made a motion to find out whom to contact regarding another assistant and if they could receive help paying the assistant. Caton seconded Agee’s motion, and the commission approved it unanimously.

The Cawaco grant for $9,271 for the maintenance on emergency sirens was approved.

Engineer Tony Wearren requested the speed limit on County Road 85 change to 35 miles per hour after recently being paved with a new technique referred to as “fogging.” The commission approved the request unanimously.