Clanton Elementary hoping for big grant

Published 9:27 am Monday, July 25, 2011

Clanton Elementary’s staff is currently waiting to see if the school is a recipient of a 21st Century Learning Center Grant.

The grant would provide funding for the creation of after school enrichment programs for students, at little to no cost for parents.

CES Principal Rebecca Threlkeld said she felt the grant would be big for CES, but also said she knew there would be several schools in the running for it.

“I’m hopeful, but it’s very competitive,” she said. “It would be an awesome service for parents and for students.”

The grant would allow enrichment programs in the areas of math, reading and other core subjects. It would also provide students with opportunities  they might not necessarily get during regular school hours.

“[It would supply] funding for extracurricular activities, like an exercise class, and art class, and an instrumental class,” said Threlkeld.

She also said it could help with improvements to the facility such as the installation of a naturescape (a playground that incorporates natural features such as boulders and trees), and encouraging community involvement with the school through volunteering.

The size of the grant is quite large, and getting it would be tough, but Threlkeld said it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

“[It’s] $200,000; that’s a big grant to put out there,” she said. “I’m hopeful we’ll get it, but again it’s really competitive. If we don’t get it this year, we’ll apply again next year.”

The grant winner is expected to be announced August 1. For more information about the award, contact CES at 280-2730, or visit