Thorsby to apply for storm shelters

Published 9:26 pm Monday, July 18, 2011

Thorsby town council members approved for Mayor Dearl Hilyer to submit a letter of intent for three storm shelters in Thorsby at their council meeting Monday.

Hilyer listed three possible locations for the shelters to be constructed in the town including: by the football field area because of residents who live in apartments close by and there is plenty of parking, at Sam Bentley Park and at the old elementary school.

The estimated cost of the project is $80,000 a shelter.

“The government will pay 75 percent, and we would be responsible for 25 percent, which we can pay in kind,” said Hilyer. “We would be committing this in next year’s budget.”

Council member Tara Jewell made a motion for Hilyer to submit a letter of intent for the three shelters, and council member Jean Nelson seconded it. The request was approved unanimously.

In other business, the council approved to repave eight roads in Thorsby that were marked on the road paving project sheet including: parking area 1 off U.S. Highway 31, parking area 2 off Montgomery Avenue, Frank Street, Nancy Street, Kyle Street, Dakota Road, Jenkins Street and Iowa Street.

The council will come back and look at Dakota Road 2, Lincoln Street and Gill Street at a later date.

Council member Willis Britt mad the motion to pave roads that were marked on the project sheet, and council member Marvin Crumpton seconded it. The request was approved unanimously.

The council agreed to match the Park and Recreation Board by donating $250 to the North Chilton Orioles, a youth team playing in the World Series.

Jewell made a motion to donate $250, and Britt seconded it. The council agreed unanimously.