Jemison to hold fire certification class

Published 4:12 pm Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Jemison Fire Department will host a firefighter certification course this fall.

The course will be taught by Jemison Fire Chief John Dennis and will be a total of 160 hours broken down into four blocks: history and introduction to fire service, basic firefighting skills, advanced firefighting skills, and hazardous materials awareness and operation.

“It kind of builds upon itself,” said Dennis. “The first part, you spend 50 percent of your time in the field and in the classroom. The second part you spend 75 percent in the field. The third 95 in the field, and then the last part is mostly in the classroom. They take a state test after each.”

Dennis said that in order to participate, a person must have first responder or emergency medical technician certification, and be 18 years old and a current member of a volunteer fire department.

He also said that 18 of 25 spots had been filled and encouraged more to apply.

“It’s not state mandated yet,” he said. “But it makes [firefighters] more aware.”