County commission goes into emergency spending mode

Published 2:39 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Chilton County Commission declared emergency spending Monday night at the request of Administrator Vanessa Hendrick.

Any and all purchases must have a purchase order, and all requests will be approved or denied by Chairman Tim Mims.

“Gasoline and 3R funds (restoration, resurfacing and rehabilitation) are short,” said Hendrick. “I’m afraid we are going to have to offset those funds in general funds to make it through the year.”

After looking at figures of what was spent and how much remains, it was determined more money had been budgeted than was available.

County Commissioner Red Turnipseed made a motion to go into emergency spending for the rest of the year.

“I’m scared we are going to come up short,” said Turnipseed.

The commissioners in attendance approved the request unanimously. Commissioners Heedy Hayes and Greg Moore were absent from Monday’s meeting.

In other business, Walter McKee, architect for the Chilton-Clanton Library roofing project, presented the commission with bids he received for reconstruction of the library roof.

McKee suggested approving Steel Built Systems from Maplesville because they offered the lowest price and have performed other roofing jobs in the county.

Turnipseed made a motion to accept the bid with Steel Built System and the installation of a fire alarm system and “let them get started on it.”

“That building has an average of 51,000 [visitors] a year,” said Turnipseed.

Commissioner Allen Caton seconded Turnipseed’s motion.

The commission voted 3-2 in favor of the measure with Mims and Joe Headley in opposition, and Turnipseed, Caton and Bobby Agee for it. The vote failed because of a lack of a four-vote majority because of Hayes’ and Moore’s absence.

Mims explained to McKee the reason he voted in opposition was because he wants to relinquish control of the building to the city of Clanton.

“I feel like they should have helped us on this project,” he said.

Agee made a motion for the measure to be carried over until the next meeting, Caton seconded the motion, and the commission agreed to carry over until the next meeting unanimously.

The commission unanimously approved allowing County Engineer Tony Wearren to resurface Peterson Street and side-cut city streets in Thorsby.

Mayor Dearl Hilyer and Thorsby’s council have approved the work and will compensate Wearren at an hourly rate.

Also, EMA Director Bill Collum submitted a letter of intent to install three small community storm shelters strategically — the installations would mean there is a shelter within a five-mile distance of every county resident — across the county.