Church news for Thursday, June 2, 2011

Published 6:24 pm Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mount Bethel Baptist Church
We had a wonderful time of worship and fellowship with our Lord this Sunday, starting with songs followed by prayer. Then we went into our classes for Bible study.
The choir opened the morning worship hour with “He Is Mine,” and the choir special was “I’m Standing on the Solid Rock.”
The Rev. Oneil Cleckler’s morning sermon was “We Must All Appear” (2 Corinthians 5:10, 1 Corinthians 3:12-15 and Romans 14:9-13). We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. We will all stand openly before Christ for every word we have spoken, every deed we have done good or bad, and the attitude we’ve displayed. Nothing is hidden from God. Some will enter in with many rewards and some will have none. I don’t want to stand before my Lord without anything to show for my life on Earth. How about you?
Bro. Cleckler read from Isaiah 53. Before our Communion service we always take time to remember what our precious Savior did on the cross for the sins of the world.
We want to wish a happy birthday to Randy Connell and Mike Holcombe.
Visitors are invited to join us for worship and fellowship.  Sunday School is at 10 a.m.; morning worship at 11; Discipleship Training at 5 p.m. and evening worship at 6.

Friendship Baptist Church
Our choir special was “God on the Mountain.” Our choir was small in number due to our ladies retreat to Tennessee, but they sounded beautiful! Thank you, choir, Bro. Raymond, Dianne and Mary.
Bro. Ken (Daniel) took his message from Luke 22:19-20, titled “Remembrance.” Jesus lived his life on Earth as an example to us. He paid the ultimate price for us because of his love for us. Life is not our final destination.
During the evening service, Jessie Moore sang “Temporary Home.”
Bro. Ken’s message, “A Strong Rope for Rough Seas,” was from 1 Corinthians 13:13. Faith is knowledge that God is in control of all situations. Faith is also demonstrated. We all have our test each day. Hope is something we can hold on to that is out there. We always have the hope of a better tomorrow. Love — if we don’t know it, we don’t know God.
Welcome home Susan and Bill Davis.
Happy birthday to Jacob Davis.
Prayer requests: Logan Pledger, Fay Honeycutt, Wilma Connell, Irby Fanning, Kay Fanning, Evelyn McGuire, Gabe Mims, travelers, unspoken requests, Beth Whittle.
Upcoming events:
June 4: VBS Blitz-neighborhoods
June 11: VBS block party beginning at 10 a.m.
June 18-25: Give Kids the World mission trip to Kissimmee, Fla. for our youth
June 18-25: Baptist Builders mission trip to Flippin, Ky.
July 10: wedding and reception for Shannon and Beth Whittle
July 25-29: Association kids camp at Shocco Springs
Aug. 28: Chilton Association evangelism rally at Clanton First Baptist.

Bethsalem Baptist Church
Our morning service began with singing “Jesus is the Sweetest Name I Know.” Blessed be the Lord God Almighty.
Special music was provided by Bro. Cleve Mallory, “I Will Rise” and the Celebration Choir, “Walking With Jesus.”
Bro. Brad Eubank brought the morning message, “God’s Wonderful Transformation,” from Ephesians 4:17-24.
We did not have evening services Sunday. We hope you had a happy Memorial Day.
Wednesday night is family supper at 5:30, followed by prayer meeting and children’s choir practice.
Happy birthday to Ashley Traywick, Roy Williams, Kenny Bevers, Gavin Arnold, Alex Green, Heather Mason, Melissa Green, Christin Polk, Julie Emmerich and Nathan Williams.
Pray this week for J.W. Gray family, James Moore, Charles Bryant, Elza Enriquer, Dylan Collum, Hunter Moore, Austin Chandler, Betty McGee, April Bazzell, Chris and Sonja Cox, Jim Beck, Mandy Mims, Pete and Karl Burnett, James Pettie, David Bookout, Patricia Smitherman, storm victims, missionaries and all families who lost loved ones.
June 5 is our children’s musical, and June 6-10 is VBS. Bring your baby bottles full of money on Father’s Day.

Cedar Grove Methodist-Protestant Church
“When We All Get to Heaven” and “Just Over in the Gloryland” were the two songs to begin service.
We had a good attendance even though it was a holiday weekend. We should always remember what Memorial Day is — a legal holiday to remember all the servicemen that have gone on and have given their lives for all of us.
Happy birthday to Charlotte Ray and Vickie Payton. Happy anniversary to Robin and Shannon Bullard and Buddy and Marie Popwell.
We sang several good songs, including the favorite, “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” The choir sang several songs, and Bro. Steve Price sang a special song, “He Loves Me.” Bro. Alton Russell sang “God is Good All the Time” and “Feeling Mighty Fine” with the choir.
Chris Cleckley gave his testimony and sang “I’m Not the Man I Used to Be.” We had an anointing service for several who were in need.
Bro. Jeff Carroll spoke on Memorial Day and read from Joshua 4. Sis. Amelia Hubbard sang the song of invitation, “Who Touched Me.”
We didn’t have an evening service due to the holiday.
Wednesday and Thursday night of this week, at 7 p.m., we scheduled preaching services open to anyone who would like to come.
I am sorry for missing the church news last week; I had to have dental surgery. I hope I never have to do that again.

Mt. Pisgah
Summer is finally here and our summer activities have begun. Vacation Bible School will have registration on Saturday, June 11, from 2-5 p.m. Vacation Bible School starts at 8:30 a.m. and goes until 11:30 a.m. from June 13 – June 17 for ages 3-13. There will be Bible stories, music and more so come join us on “Main Street.” If you need a ride, our bus can pick you up. Let us know when you register if you need a ride.  For more information, contact Nicki Baugh at (205) 688-6247.
Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers for a project here in Chilton County. There is also a call for volunteers to help rebuild areas around Demopolis. If you can help, call Brother Glenn at (334) 349-5422.
Our ladies softball team is practicing on Sunday evenings at 3.
Our 2011 Annual Conference will be held from June 5-8 at Frazer United Methodist Church in Montgomery. Brother Glenn and Sister Teresa will be attending.
We missed all of those traveling this weekend. We look forward to seeing you next Sunday. Have a blessed summer.

Jackson Chapel
Bro Dewayne Castleberry taught a good Sunday School lesson entitled “Divine Deliverance.”  Bro Horace Wyatt got the morning worship service started off with “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” and “Where the Soul Never Dies” and, following the good congregational singing, Bro Dennis Smith blessed us with “The Master of the Sea.”
Bro Dennis’ text came from Jude 1:17-25 with a message entitled “A Day of Remembrance.”  When things happen in our lives, we need to stop building our problems up to make them the worst possible thing that could happen and remember who we serve. We don’t have time to quit doing what God has called us to do because we don’t know when the hour will come when Jesus Christ will come back.  We as Christians must remember that we do not need to go back to where Jesus brought us from because he has done so much for us to turn back.  We are so quick to forget what blessings God bestows on us, but we need to remember that if we let our guard down, Satan will come in and destroy everything God has blessed us with.  We also need to remember that there is only one way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ.
The service ended with several coming to pray.
Hannah Burnett and Faith Castleberry got the evening service started off with “I’ll Fly Away” and “Where The Milk and Honey Flows.”  Bro Dennis’ text came from Lamentations 4:9-10.
Please remember these as you pray this week: Juanita Wyatt, Margie Baker, James and Marie Johnson, Louise Smitherman, Seth Jones, Debra Lewis, our servicemen and women and our lost loved ones.

Walnut Creek United Methodist Church
What a blessed day as we remember those who founded Walnut Creek UMC; we can’t go back as far as Bro Tony reminded us. Walnut Creek was founded in 1820 as a log structure with gun-ports, in case of unfriendly Indians that might be nearby. The present church across the road was built 1967, and we finally moved in our new sanctuary and present facilities.
It bothers us that on this special Memorial Day we may have forgotten our country, even our church, and our freedom to worship. All this was paid for at a high price.
“Lets remember that we are Americans and God’s people,” and one that I grew up with, “Remember who we are.”
Our call to worship was “Church in the Wildwood” and “Morning Has Broken” with Bro. Tony and the choir. Irene, Norma, Shirley and the choir sang “What a Day That Will Be.”
Jim Popwell used Hebrews 11 to remind us of our “race of patience.” Jim did a great job going back with history of the church.
Following the service was dinner on the outside concrete tables and all day singing. The Lord has been with us and the Lord has blessed us.
We don’t have to look far to find someone who has loved and been so dedicated to their church — Ray and Myrtice Enfinger. I start my day with a blessing, just sharing a pew with this loving couple.
Prayers were asked for Ray, Betty Blacock, and Lavada is not doing well at all; please pray for strength for those caring for her.
Thoughts of yesterday: Mary Joyce Gilliland shared her early membership with the church. She had lots of fun as a youth, growing up in the church and watching her family grow up in the church. This brought lots of memories back of some of the people she could recall.
Looking forward: Sonja Horn did such an outstanding presentation. She also used Hebrews 11 and 12 as reference, reminding us to keep our eyes on Jesus. Being one of our newest members, she was so complimentary to the membership for making her and her family welcome.
Love one another and remember who you are.

Calvary Independent Baptist Church
Calvary Independent Baptist Church recognized their 2011 graduates this Sunday, May 29 during the morning and night services. Each graduate received a very nice genuine leather study Bible from the church and other tokens of appreciation for the accomplishments they have made. We are proud of our youth.
We had one more member join this Sunday morning, and the list has grown now to three requests for another baptismal service.
Please pray for our youth programs, bus ministries and outreach ministries as we continue to serve the Lord in all that we do.
Our services are: Sunday School at 9 a.m., worship and Junior Church at 10 a.m., Sunday night services at 5:30, Wednesday night service at 6:30. Come visit with us. We are located south of Clanton past Dollar General, off Highway 31 on Fulmer Drive.

Mars Hill Baptist Church
Sunday was Memorial Day, a day we set aside to acknowledge and thank our veterans. As the choir sang “America” we recognized the veterans in the church. Thank you for the sacrifice you made for our country.
Then we sang “Count Your Blessings” and it made me think of how long it would take me to count my blessings. I don’t actually think I could count them because more are being added each day.
The sermon came from John 11:38 where we are reminded that Jesus does care for us. We should always remember that He will never leave us.
June is Teddy Bear month. during June we collect teddy bears for the Fire and Rescue groups. Our Senior Messengers will be going on their trip to Memphis during June. Vacation Bible School is drawing near. There is always something for everyone to do in church. You have been given talents for something you can do for our Lord.
Come visit us at Mars Hill, you are always welcome.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.

Bethany Baptist Church
Thank God for the freedoms we have and for those who sacrificed their lives to make them possible.
Bro. Steve’s sermon taken from Mark 14:1-9 centered on a woman whose act of worship
toward the Lord would be spoken of for a memorial of her whenever the Gospel was
preached throughout the world. Her sacrificing the costly ointment from the alabaster
box was misunderstood by most who witnessed it, but Jesus recognized her faith and
belief in his death and resurrection.
Bro. Steve sang “The King and the Beggar.” Sunday night’s sermon regarded one of our
two church ordinances, baptism (Mark 11:27-33). Baptism is one of our fundamental
doctrines and the true New Testament churches have authority to baptize (immerse) a
person who accepts the Lord Jesus as their Savior. A saved person should be baptized as
an act of obedience and a picture of the Lord’s burial and resurrection.
Upcoming events: Mothers/Fathers Day Banquet June 4 at church; Celebration of Lord’s
Supper June 5; VBS at Journey Mission, Calera, June 6-8; Mission Development Meeting
at Bethany June 11; Missionary Danny Jones and family from Thailand, morning service June 19.
Prayer list: Lillian Burkhalter, Ashley Friday, Carl Gray, Ellen Gray, Ernestine Hatch,
our servicemen and women, Larry Miller, Billie Neeley, Pvt. Josh Peppers, Jesse Wallace, James Bixler, Barbara Neeley.
See you Sunday!

Mt. Carmel No. 1
During this Memorial Day holiday time, let’s not forget to thank God for His blessings on America.  Despite all the bad things that have been happening we can still look around and see countless blessings that we have received.  Also, our thanks goes to all those that have served our country in any way.
Bro. Derrell’s morning message was taken from 1 Samuel 7:5-12 and titled “Lets Raise An Ebenezer.”  This is not referring to a tight fisted scrooge, Ebenezer, but a memorial to those that have given all for us.  Our Ebenezer should not be raised out of grief or remorse.  This should be done as a reminder of God’s grace, protection, and victory.   As in the days of old, our churches and our nations need help from the Lord in order to have victory over our enemies.  When sin is within, there is strife.  Our lives need to be poured out before God as water on the ground in order for our sins to be absorbed by God’s forgiveness.  We need an Ebenezer to remind us of the help that we have received from God; where we were and where He has brought us to.
Our evening message was “Beat the B-L-U-E-S” taken from Psalms 42:5.  The five steps that a Christian can take to beat the blues are: B-believe the positive and dwell on the good things; L-look for the purpose even though things may not be going the way we would like; U-utilize the promises given to us by God; E-encourage others; and S-sing God’s praises even when your life is filled with chaos.
There has been a change in our VBS.  It will start on Sunday, June 5 at 5 p.m. and then be on Monday through Thursday each day from 1-4:30 p.m.
We will be honoring our graduates on Sunday morning, June 5.  This will include Kindergarten, high school and college graduates.  After the morning service there will be a potluck luncheon in their honor.  Our prayers and best wishes go out to each of these graduates.
We still have several special prayer needs in our church this week.  Among those are Ruthie Jean Giles, Eddie Giles, Hershel Scott, Cecil Franklin, our youth, Robert Childress, and Minnie Childress.  We rejoice to hear Brian Childress is a doing better but please still keep him in your prayers.

Samaria Baptist Church
On Sunday, May 29, we recognized our veterans who served in wars of yesterday.  We were blessed with Carolyn Maddox, who played the piano for us.  Many of our church family were out of town for the holiday weekend, but we all received a great blessing in the service.
Our pastor chose Hebrews 2:1-4 as his text Sunday morning.  God spared not His own Son; how shall we not give Him what He requires from us.  Jesus suffered for us; He was killed by Roman Soldiers, but His Jewish people rejected Him completely.  God knew the Resurrection of Christ would be a wonderful even, and that after all the suffering He endured, He would forever reign with God the Father.
God’s promises continue forever and always.  He will never leave us nor forsake, because He promised to be with us always.  We can never be good enough to deserve what God has blessed us with, and what He has waiting for us in glory.  Heaven cannot be worked for, nor earned. We gain heaven’s promises by grace through our faith in Him.
Special prayer needs today are for Callie Cleckler, Jeff Smith (Prattville), our seniors of 2011, Cathy Willis and all our servicemen and women.  May God bless you and your family in a mighty way.  Join us at Samaria for a blessing in sermon and song.