Clanton Police Department joining Facebook

Published 5:32 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It seems everyone is on Facebook nowadays. From rock stars to grandmothers, more people are joining the world of social media.

You can now add to that list Clanton’s Finest.

The Clanton Police Department now has its own Facebook page. The page went up Friday, May 27, and is maintained by Sgt. Neil Fetner.

Fetner said the page is an idea he had been working on for some time.

“A lot of departments are using pages to communicate with the public,” he said. “I went to the chief about the idea about six months ago, and we discussed the idea.”

Fetner said the page would allow for the department to provide information to the public in an easier way. For example, if someone were to miss both the newspaper and TV news covering a robbery or investigation, they still would have the Facebook page to see the latest news.

“We’re going to put a variety of information,” he said. “By posting to social media [information is more accessible].”

Fetner also said the page will be able to be liked by everyone, although posting will be reserved for a few people. He said he hopes the page will catch on, as he feels it could really help the public.

“My goal is 500 likes by the end of June,” he said. “We’re at about 50 right now. We want people to help grow it, and see their feedback.”

For more information on the page, contact Fetner at 755-1194.