Thorsby students grow giant cabbages

Published 1:00 pm Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thorsby student Koby Davis with his prize cabbage he grew for the 10 th annual Bonnie Plant Farm Third Grade Cabbage Program.

Three elementary students from Thorsby School are reaping what they’ve sown after participating in Bonnie Plant Farm’s 10th annual Third Grade Cabbage Program.

Each year, the plant farm distributes free cabbage plants to third grade students across the country to foster an interest in gardening and the environment.

Austin Adams, Zoe Watley and Koby Davis were three among several students who received a free cabbage plant to grow in their spring gardens.

Austin Adams’ home-grown giant cabbage.

Cabbages were delivered to students whose teachers signed up to participate.

The students each received their very own cabbage to plant, take care of and harvest. They were also responsible for maintaining records of their plant’s growth and care by keeping track of how often the plant was given water, fertilizer and even how often the students weeded their garden.

The cabbages produce oversized heads, making the process even more exciting for the children. As part of the program, Bonnie awards a $1,000 scholarship to one student in each state.

Austin Adam’s impressive cabbage measured 36 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall. Zoe Watley’s hefty cabbage plant was 39 inches in diameter and 19 inches tall, and Koby Davis’ immense cabbage was 36 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall.

The students are anticipating an ample supply of coleslaw, boiled cabbage and stir-fried cabbage for their families soon.

Through the program, Bonnie Plant Farm hopes to share their love of gardening, as well as inspire children to develop an interest in nature and the outdoors.