BOE makes more cuts, including two teaching positions

Published 5:53 pm Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Chilton County Board of Education continued to make cuts, including two teaching positions, at its special board meeting Tuesday.

A recommendation was made to change Robin Cagle, Clanton Elementary School assistant principal, from full-day assistant principal to a half-day assistant principal and half-day teacher. Board member Ann Glasscock made a motion to approve the recommendation, and board member Ann Thomas seconded it. The board voted six to one with board member Chris Davis in opposition to the change.

“Do we have some way to keep this intact?” asked Davis. “That’s a lot of kids to manage with one administrator.”

The school was 11 students short of what was required for the additional full-time administrator, so federal funding was lost, said Hayden.

“Unless we pick it up [the funding] from somewhere else,” Hayden said.

Also, a recommendation to approve a non-renewal of a Maplesville High School teacher and a Clanton Elementary School teacher was approved unanimously.

“The state gives us a certain amount of money, and it is earmarked to what we can spend it on,” said Joe Mims, BOE president. “Our local funds are tied up. This is just the beginning of hurtful cuts and reductions we may have to make.”

Superintendent Dave Hayden clarified that six teachers who didn’t have tenure were let go instead of 11 as originally expected.

Also, Hayden addressed school nurses, some of whom were in attendance.

“We have been approximately allotted $305,000 for nurses, but we will need $600,000-plus to keep all of them here,” said Hayden.