Town of Maplesville unveils website

Published 5:23 pm Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maplesville residents needing a street lamp fixed, wanting to know when the next council meeting is and looking for information about annual events like the Christmas Parade can now find all of that online.

The town launched its new website,, over the weekend.

Town Clerk Shelia Haigler said the site was designed to more readily provide town information to people.

“The main thing we wanted to accomplish is that people would have access to information about the town,” said Haigler.

The council decided to use a portion of the money it was spending on advertising to help pay for the website and its upkeep.

The site features information about town leaders, the fire and police department, utilities board, court, library and more.

The action center page lets residents report problems or give feedback on different things. Common problems that can be reported include malfunctioning traffic signal, broken water main, missing or damaged street signs and potholes.

Haigler hopes the feature is used not only to report problems but also to offer suggestions and other constructive thoughts.

“It doesn’t have to be used for just negative things, it can be used for positive things,” Haigler said.

The town received a lot of feedback on its April Heritage Day celebration, but nearly all of that was over the phone.

The new site would allow people to share their thoughts 24/7, regardless of whether town hall was open or not. Messages left on the action center are emailed directly to Haigler.

Pages on the new site about local landmarks, historical buildings and attractions like Chilton County Motorsports Park and Perry Mountain Motorcycle Club also serve another purpose — drawing people to Maplesville.

“We tried to put things (on the site) that would draw people to Maplesville,” said Haigler.

Shown is the home page of Maplesville’s new website.