County moves to buy five sheriff department cars

Published 9:42 pm Monday, April 25, 2011

The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office will purchase five new patrol cars as discussed at the county commission meeting Monday night.

The department currently has 12 patrol cars, all with more than 100,000 miles on them.

“We put 50,000 miles a year on a car,” said Chilton County Sheriff Kevin Davis.

Commissioner Red Turnipseed explained that the sheriff’s department had approximately $58,814 in carryovers. With the extra money, Turnipseed suggested that the department buy five new cars to replace five older ones.

Commissioner Allen Caton made a motion for the department to take the carryover money from previous years to purchase five cars, and Commissioner Bobby Agee seconded the motion. The commission voted 5-1 with Commissioner Heedy Hayes voting against buying the cars.

In other business, Chilton County sheriff investigators will move into and work from a vacant building on Alabama 145. The office’s eight investigators need the building due to lack of office space at the jail, according to Davis.

“This will be just an office and storage space,” said Davis. “It will be equipped with surveillance cameras and an alarm system.”

The move will have several other benefits other than space, Davis said. Crime victims will now not have to come in the jail, where the defendant is housed, and inmates will not be able to see people who come in to discuss cases through prison windows, Davis said.

The commission gave Davis permission to amend a telephone contract to sell phone cards so inmates can call their families instead of collect calling, which increases the family’s telephone bill. Turnipseed made a motion to approve the request, and Caton seconded it. The commission approved the request.

Engineer Tony Wearren asked for a resolution to start the paperwork on painting a bridge on Chilton County 55. He brought up that after inspection, the bridge is in need of painting, and the rusting on the bridge is causing the web thickness to decrease, he said.

He suggested that the paint project could be done with state funds with a 20-percent match and looks to do it with next year’s funds. The project would cost approximately $250,000.

The commissioner had a concern that half of the bridge may belong to Coosa County, so Hayes withdrew his motion to approve the project. The project will be reviewed and voted on at a later date.

Davis also brought up that he needs a contract to house and feed the inmates. Davis spent $848 out of his own pocket to feed the inmates. Turnipseed recommended that Davis get together with both Jackson attorneys and draw up a contract.