Wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of Chilton County woman

Published 3:08 pm Thursday, April 14, 2011

The death of a local woman at a Shelby County hospital has yielded the second wrongful death lawsuit filed against a company that produced and distributed liquid nutritional supplements.

Jewell Robinson, 86, died on March 5 at Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster.

The lawsuit was filed by Montgomery-based Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis and Miles on behalf of Robinson’s son, Lyndal Robinson, and names as defendant Birmingham-based pharmaceutical supplier Meds IV LLC.

“Mrs. Robinson, a lifelong resident of Chilton County, died because a product that was supposed to sustain life was actually the very thing that killed her,” Beasley Allen Founding Shareholder Jere L. Beasley said in a release. “We are concerned that there will be more deaths and serious injuries reported before this ordeal is over.

“Mrs. Robinson’s family wants to see justice done and those responsible made accountable for this wrongdoing. We intend to do whatever is necessary to make sure that happens.”

Lyndal Robinson lives in Mobile County.

The lawsuit was filed in Chilton County Circuit Court.

An Alabama Department of Public Health and Centers for Disease Control investigation of Meds IV revealed a faulty sterilization process at the pharmacy allowed bacteria to enter a total parenteral nutritional supplement that was shipped to Shelby Baptist and six other hospitals.

Jewell Robinson was one of nine patients who died in Alabama hospitals after receiving TPN produced by Meds IV.

TPN is administered intravenously to patients who can’t get their nutrition through eating or feeding tubes.

The lawsuit, which states that the defendant should have known the product was defective, seeks monetary damages.