Detectives warn against old check scam

Published 5:30 pm Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An old check scam has resurfaced again, according to Clanton Police detectives.

Police are warning residents to be watchful of mail they receive telling them they are winners in contests. One letter going around refers to a “Mega Lottery” out of the United Kingdom.

Clanton Police Detective Robert Bland said the letter tells the winner they have received a certain amount of money, but to collect, they must send back an amount of money through MoneyGram to pay government taxes.

Bland wants everyone to know that if you have not entered in any contest but receive a notice stating you have won a prize, this is a scam.

“This scam has happened here before and has been brought to our attention again,” Bland said. “This is a scam that has been going on for years.”

The money sent to the company is most likely sent to an account stateside then immediately transferred overseas to Europe, Africa and Asia, he said.

“It’s pretty much a loss,” said Bland. “The money becomes impossible to trace.”

The scam usually hits an area for quite some time then moves to another state, before eventually making its way back around.

“We want the citizens in the county to be aware of this and not fall victim,” said Bland. “If you have received a check, take it to your bank to get them to verify the funds.”