Minooka campground full for spring break

Published 5:38 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Minooka Park’s new RV campground is completely booked for Chilton County’s Spring Break, March 14 – 20.

Reservations for the campground’s 18 RV spots for the break began at the end of February and are still being requested.

“It’s unusual because last Spring Break we didn’t have a campground operating, but it’s definitely a lot more traffic and activity at the park because of Spring Break,” said Gerald Arrington, park manager. “I booked my last available spot for the break last Friday.”

The park has a waiting list just in case someone backs out of their reservation, but Arrington had to turn away three people on Monday he said.

“It’s best to call in advance to book a spot instead of just showing up at the gate,” Arrington said. “We take reservations so if you just show up you are not guaranteed a spot, but if you call ahead of time we guarantee a spot when you show up at the door.”

The park is in the process of adding an online reservation section to their website.

“I see for a lot of holiday weekends it is going to be the same way and for weekends we have events, he said. “We haven’t been open for a year yet, but the word is getting out and we are getting a lot of local people in the campground.”

The campground has received good reviews and is expected to have a steady summer. Visitors from a wide-range of locations are coming into the campground ranging from Florida on westward to Colorado, Arrington said.

“We still have spots available for the summer,” said Arrington. “I’m worried about fuel prices, but I think we are going to have a good summer as well.”

For more information visit the park’s website at minookapark.org or contact Arrington at 205-312-1376 for bookings.