Maplesville court, meeting chamber gets security camera

Published 9:10 pm Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The town of Maplesville has installed a security camera in its Town Library, which is also used for town councils meeting and municipal court.

The camera, one of several in downtown Maplesville, was added to provide extra security for court and meetings. Police Chief Todd Ingram pointed the camera out during Tuesday’s council meeting.

In other police business, the council is still working with a software company to interface their court records system with the state’s e-citation equipment. The company is working with the town to find a solution.

In other business, the town took the following actions:

•Agreed to support a technology fund bill that is behind proposed for Chilton County. If passed, the bill would add a $10 technology fee onto tickets to help departments pay for computers and related equipment. The money collected would be split between the county’s law enforcement agencies based on department size.

•Voted to not participate in the annual sales tax holiday due to a lack of stores that sell items covered during the August event. The town has never participated in the sales tax holiday.

•Agreed to a lease with Norfolk Southern to lease some 73,000 square feet of land that run along the company’s railroad right-of-way. The lease would cost $360 annual and include the Maplesville Depot, which the town is already paying $150 annually for. The town wants to spruce the land up by planting flowers and completing other beautification projects.

•Approved two agreements with RDS to help collect the town’s business license fees and provide tax auditing services for six hours a month at a cost of $429 per month.

•Mayor Aubrey Latham reported that approximately 100,000 gallons of water were used to fight the Taylor-Made fire two weeks ago. The mayor said he hopes the town can recoup some of that water’s value through insurance but that he isn’t sure yet.

•Ingram reported two car thefts during the past month but said that suspects have been arrested and charged in both cases.

•Purchased an ad in the Maplesville High School football program for $135.

•Scheduled a council work session for Tuesday, March 22 at 6 p.m. at the Town Library.