Budding artists celebrate Arbor Day

Published 7:01 pm Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shown are Arbor Day poster contest winners (L-R) Caitlyn Jones, first place; John Green, second place; and Madison Price, third place, with members of the Clanton Beautification and Tree Board and Principal Dennis Cobb (far right).

Clanton Intermediate School continued a tradition Thursday that has really grown roots during the last few years.

Fifth-graders planted a Japanese maple tree in front of the school, continuing a tradition of planting a tree around Arbor Day.

Prior to the tree planting, students who participated in the annual Arbor Day poster contest were recognized with a certificate.

First-place winner Caitlyn Jones also won $50. John Green finished second and Madison Price third.

Fifth-graders who participated in this year's Arbor Day poster contest planted a Japanese maple tree in front of the school Thursday.

The theme of this year’s poster contest was “Trees are terrific in cities and towns.”

Clanton Beautification and Tree Board member Susan Rickles said students did a great job with this year’s contest.

“We enjoy this every year,” said Rickles, who was joined by several other tree board members.

Arborist and board member Dan Nolen helped students plant the tree.

Students participating in the poster contest, which is limited to just fifth-graders, were Jones, Green and Price as well as Lairreun Reed, Victoria Burnett, Raven Little, Faith O’Neal, Keeley Smitherman, D’mirial Hugley, Annie Montalbano, Dayandra Tinsley, Shelby Argo, Zach Coleman, Will Whitlock, Shalisa Thomas, Alxis Beasley, Savannah Martin and Courtney O’Neal.