Police chief gives department’s annual report

Published 8:54 pm Monday, February 14, 2011

Clanton Police Department’s 2010 Annual Report was administered by Police Chief Brian Stilwell at the Clanton City Council meeting Monday.

The report included: calls for service, hours on call, calls per officer, traffic stops, citations categorized by officer and by gender and race, felony arrests, misdemeanor arrests, illegal drug purchases, business checks, animal complaint calls, state reports taken, actual reports taken, private property accidents and on roadway accidents.

“Everything that gets reported to the state, we have it in the report,” said Stilwell. “August 30, our offense closure rate was at 31 percent and now, as of December 31 it is at 75 percent – a 44 percent change. Everyone gets a follow-up call.”

There were 3,109 issued citations in 2010, 520 misdemeanor arrests and 136 felony arrests.

In other business, Randall Cottrell of Bluejireh Inc., an information technology company out of Birmingham, approached the council with a proposal for servicing the town with Wi-Fi connection.

Cottrell stated that beginning Wi-Fi service with the company would be essential because it will increase downtown traffic; it will be attractive to travelers, which will bring revenue into the town and new businesses want to be in a city where this is available. He also stated that the pricing is flexible and that it will provide local marketing to travelers.

“When someone signs into the Wi-Fi connection on their computer or Smartphone, the first thing they will see are advertisements from local businesses,” Cottrell said. “And advertisement can generate revenue for the city.”

The council responded by saying they will look into it and consider the company’s services.