LETTER: Postal service satisfactory

Published 4:24 pm Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear Editor,

A recent letter on postal service does not reflect my opinion. I have always had excellent service.

If the post office had difficulty receiving its mail from its centers, that was surely not their fault. If a person can have a letter delivered by FedEx or UPS for 44 cents, more power to them.

The post office must ask for and justify any rate increase. If any taxpayer money goes to the post office, it is with the benefit of franking privileges. You won’t see a piece of government mail with a postage stamp.

A postage stamp is the best value I have found. That’s all it costs to mail my bills, send my Christmas cards, family birthday cards, and send a letter to my senator or congressman.

Don’t send me an E-card. I don’t want to be spammed. I want something tangible to hold in my hand and read it again and tuck it in a chest to keep.

I’ll take snail mail, and I have a great mail carrier.

Jon Ellen Nix, Thorsby