Thorsby’s Dollar General building specs discussed

Published 10:33 pm Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thorsby’s Zoning and Planning Commission met Tuesday to discuss the development of the town’s new Dollar General.

Zack Smith, a representative from LBYD Civil and Structural Engineers and Capital Growth Buchalter, Inc., presented the commission with a grading and drainage plan of the 9,002-square-foot site off U.S. 31.

“Dollar General thinks this store is going to do well,” said Smith. “Typically, a Dollar General has 30 parking spaces, but there will be 10 extra, so that is 40 on this site because of the volume of customers they are expecting.”

Landscaping and drainage concerns were also discussed during the presentation. Smith explained how the store could not be located closer to the highway because when it rains, the water will travel downhill and pool into the intersection.

Instead, the company will have a detention pond to catch the water and it then will be drained, Smith said.

A plan to add sidewalks on Iowa Street, Summit Street and Jones Street was brought up by town leaders. Smith added that there is an additional cost for sidewalks and asked if the city would split the cost.

“We want the sidewalk there,” said Mayor Dearl Hilyer. “It’s that important to us.”

Smith will be updating the council Thursday regarding the sidewalk.

Additionally, during the meeting, a motion was made to subdivide the property. The entire lot is approximately 3.8 acres and the store is using 1.43 acres, so the motion was made to allow the splitting of the property, and Dollar General will be giving the access land back to the city of Thorsby.

“It’s a good piece of land,” said Littleton. “A park or something can be done with it.”

What will be done with the land is in discussion, but town officials are pleased so far.

The store will sell general merchandise as well as some grocery items, including frozen food. Town leaders hope the new store will keep shoppers in Thorsby, rather than them traveling to Clanton or Jemison.

“This will be the largest retailer for the town according to its projected numbers,” said Hilyer. “This will be the first construction for Thorsby since the Service Mart in the ’90s.”