Moore named assistant principal at Verbena

Published 10:49 pm Monday, January 3, 2011

A special Chilton County Board of Education meeting was held Monday to determine what outgoing Superintendent Keith Moore’s next job will be.

The board voted for Moore to fill the position of assistant principal at Verbena High School. He served as superintendent from 2006 through 2010.

“This is the first time I’ve ever stood at this end of the table to talk to the board,” said Moore as he walked up to relay his concerns.

Along with being VHS assistant principal — a job he previously held before being elected superintendent — Moore wanted to obtain a bus route he had once driven as well.

Moore said he once held two tenure positions as bus driver and teacher at Verbena High School.

However, when Moore was promoted to assistant principal, he resigned as a bus driver at the request of the board, who at the time, felt having “double duties’ interfered with his role as an administrator at Verbena High.

“I recently learned that I did not have to give up my position,” said Moore. “I’m getting sent back exactly where I started from 16 years ago. I put in 27 years with the system, and I don’t mind going back as an assistant principal, but I ask you all to consider two things.”

Moore asked the board to be given back the bus driver position that he learned he did not have to give up and that he not be sent back being paid less than he had been before being named superintendent.

“I’m not asking for any favors or asking to take anything from anybody,” said Moore.

“If the bus driver position with the same route I used to have becomes available, I would like to be considered for it.”

While assistant principal, Moore held numerous supplemental positions.

As he enters into his new assistant principal position, Moore will earn 10 months regular salary plus an assistant principal supplement.

“We will consider what you’ve said and we’ll see—that’s all I can promise you,” said Board President Joe Mims in response to Moore.

There were no other options available, only the vacancy as the assistant principal at Verbena High School, said Mims.

When contacted later Monday, Moore said everything worked out fine and there were no hard feelings.

“I don’t have a problem with their decision at all,” said Moore. “I’m going back home. I was assistant principal there for 12 years before I became superintendent. There is no problem whatsoever.”