Nerd Guy collects coats for kids

Published 10:46 pm Thursday, December 16, 2010

Various coats of all shapes, sizes and colors were donated during The Nerd Guy’s coat drive.

The Nerd Guy, the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives from Pristine Cleaners and the Chilton County Adoptive Parents Association (CCAPA) all came together Thursday to begin giving away coats donated during The Nerd Guy’s recent coat drive.

The two-month drive was held to provide foster children with warmer clothes for the winter. Along with 104 coats of all sizes, scarves, gloves and winter hats were also donated.

Angie Handley, Mary Mims, Shelby Handley, Stacy Owens, Tammy Carden and Shannon Abrams pose for a picture during The Nerd Guy’s coat drive sorting Thursday.

“More than 40 families are expected to stop by and collect the coats from the drive,” said Angie Handley, CCAPA events coordinator. “I sent out 30 e-mails to parents myself.”

Pristine Cleaners located on 7th Street cleaned the winter apparel for the drive.

“We’re going to give everyone a couple of days to pick up coats, and whatever is left we will take to the Firehouse Shelter in Birmingham,” said Stacy Owens, manager of The Nerd Guy.

Other contributors to the drive who were in attendance included: Mike Robertson, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce; Mary Mims, treasurer of the Foster Care Association; Rebecca Montalbano, owner of The Nerd Guy; Shannon Abrams, owner of Pristine Cleaners; and Tammy Carden, lead Nerd Guy technician.