Library must use buckets to catch rain water from leaky roof

Published 9:33 pm Friday, November 12, 2010

Actions are being taken in order to replace the Chilton-Clanton Public Library’s roof as discussed at the County Commission meeting Monday.

Trash cans are used at the Chilton-Clanton Library during rain to try and catch water leaking from the roof before it damages library materials.

Jerry Davenport, maintenance supervisor, spoke about the roof and gutters that can no longer be patched or fixed.

County Commissioners and an appraiser went out and evaluated the roof Wednesday.

The commissioners will have to take bids and they are looking at different options, said Darlene Brock, library bookkeeper.

“I’ve worked here for 26 years and it has leaked for many years,” said Brock. “We have to put trash cans everywhere for the leaks.”

The leaks are multiplying, causing more damage and inconveniencing the library employees.

“If it rains when the library is closed, someone has to come down here and make sure all of the leaks are not damaging the materials,“ said Glenda Gray, inter librarian. “It keeps the floors wet and the rain puddles and wets the books.”

“So far they have gotten one estimate, and we are waiting to see what happens,” said Brock.