Jemison has traffic homicide investigator

Published 6:17 pm Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A vehicle can be like a weapon: In the hands of someone irresponsible, it can maim or kill.

With the completion of traffic homicide investigation training, the city of Jemison has the means to determine whether a wreck that results in death or serious injury is a prosecutable case.

Sgt. Brandon Wright, who has been with the Jemison Police Department for about 10 years, became a certified traffic homicide investigator with the completion of an 80-hour, two-week course taught at the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center, also known as the State Trooper Academy, in Selma on Sept. 27-Oct. 8.

“We all receive training in accident investigation, but this is much more in depth,” Jemison Police Chief Shane Fulmer said.

Course participants learn how to perform speed analysis, collect evidence, take photographs and construct diagram of the scene.

“It’s kind of like working a crime scene,” Fulmer said.

The training is intended for investigating a wreck that results in death or serious injury and that might have been the result of driving under the influence of alcohol or another form of reckless driving.

In the case of such an accident, Jemison wouldn’t have to rely on state officers to conduct an investigation.

Fulmer said one or two such situations typically occur each year.

“We have a responsibility to provide services, and I want to ensure personally that if someone is tragically hurt or killed in an accident…I want a person that caused that by being reckless to be held responsible. I feel like we owe it to the families of the victims.”

Fulmer said he plans to have another Jemison officer receive the training next year.