Clanton’s public library in need of new roof

Published 2:51 pm Monday, November 8, 2010

The Chilton-Clanton Library’s 10,000 square foot roof can no longer be salvaged and is need of being replaced, as discussed at the Chilton County Commission meeting Monday .

Jerry Davenport, maintenance supervisor, spoke about the roof and gutters that can no longer be patched or fixed.

“The gutters are rusted out and the roof is leaking,” said Davenport. “I’ve patched as much as I can.”

The only obstacles Davenport saw regarding the roof replacement were the two air conditioner units, the electricity and some gas lines that are located on the roof.

To replace the roof, not including the gutters, would cost about $15,000, Davenport said, but he had no approximate price for the total construction at that time.

A few of the County Commissioners were trying to figure out alternative routes to take such as a high-rise or hip roof.

During discussion, County Commissioner Bobby Agee said he think it would be more efficient to move the library to another branch.

The commissioners are setting up a few more specialist assessments and will be attaining a price for the replacements.

In other business, Commissioner Tim Mims discussed sending out a special resolution to congratulate Kurt Wallace, Cam Ward, Jimmy Martin and Hank Erwin for their services.

“I just feel like it is something that we as commissioners should do to recognize them,” said Mims.