Habitat once again selling hams, turkeys

Published 11:08 pm Friday, October 29, 2010

Habitat for Humanity of Chilton and Autauga counties has started its annual ham and turkey fundraiser.

The fundraiser began around the middle of September and tickets are being sold at Heaton Pecan Farm or can be purchased from any Habitat volunteer for $30 apiece.

“We’ve been doing this fundraiser for about six years now,” said Jane Conradi, president of board of directors for both counties. “Most of the time people who have bought from us before look forward to buying from us again. We have a lot of support from year to year.”

The hams are honey baked and spiral cut, and the turkeys are smoked.

The proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity for Chilton and Autauga counties to help local families.

“We’re hoping to do well with this fundraiser, said Conradi. “We’re preparing to start a house, and we have a family already selected from Chilton County to be the homeowner.”

There are already six families in Chilton County that are living in homes that were built by Habitat for Humanity.

“One of our biggest supporters are businesses who buy them as gifts for their employees,” said Conradi. “People have also bought them for their pastors or the lady who does their hair for example. It’s a good way to do two good things with one donation.”

The last day to purchase tickets is Nov. 15. Donors may pick up their hams and turkeys Tuesday, Nov. 23 at Peach Park between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

“This makes it convenient for everyone to get it before the holiday,” said Conradi.

For more information, call 755-8655 or visit habitatautaugachilton.org or contact Jane Conradi at 205-280-4461.