Tips to keep safe this Halloween

Published 5:44 pm Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trick-or-treaters will be scavenging the streets in search of goodies this weekend, but children and parents are encouraged to remember and adhere to Halloween safety.

“The first tip is we’re encouraging everybody to trick-or-treat Saturday night instead of Sunday,” said Chief Brian Stilwell. “There are different places that will be handing out candy, like churches and businesses. We encourage trick-or-treaters to go to sponsored functions and only visit neighborhoods they are familiar with.”

The police station will also hand out candy from 5–8 p.m. The front lobby of the station will be decorated and even some staff members will be dressed for the occasion.

“We just want to provide a safe place for kids to come and trick-or-treat,” said Stilwell.

Other safety tips include:

-Do not eat unwrapped food or candy. Throw away any candy that is not in its original wrapper or looks like it has been tampered with.

-Parents should check all candy or food before it is eaten.

-Parents should know where their kids are going and know the route they are taking.

-Encourage kids to follow all of the regular rules for walking around, including: looking both ways before crossing, walking on sidewalks instead of in the street, obeying all traffic laws and using cross walks and crossing lights where available

-Make sure Halloween masks have good visibility

-Make sure all children are supervised

-Wear an illuminating device or light clothing to be well seen.

-Travel in groups

-Remind children to never accept rides or go anywhere with a stranger

“We will have extra people out patrolling,” said Stilwell. “We encourage everybody to stay safe and if you see anything report it to the police.”