Jemison council talks roads, water

Published 11:25 am Tuesday, September 21, 2010

By Stephen Dawkins

The Jemison City Council spent most of its meeting Monday talking about road and water projects.

The first item brought up for discussion was the removal of a tree that interfered with traffic on County Road 42.

“We’ve been wide open,” Mayor Eddie Reed said, and the rest of the meeting proved his point.

Councilman George Brasher said some bushes need to be cut back on County Road 71.
Councilwoman Faye King asked that, while they were in the area, workers could clean the debris out of a nearby ditch. Water is flooding the road because of the debris.

Councilman Robert Morris then asked if workers could push back dirt from a recent project on County Road 48. The dirt in question is in the same vicinity as the other projects.

The council—in a regular meeting that did not include Councilman Sam Reed, who was absent for personal reasons but will return—voted to replace the water line on a section of County Road 138. Land was recently purchased there, and the new owner plans to build and open a plant. But the landowner is worried the pipe, which is exposed and over part of the road, will be damaged.

So, the city will replace 1,500 feet of pipe and bury it.

Brasher said the city will have to tear up 60 feet of road on Ellison Road and repave it.
Mayor Reed said work on Sycamore Street is ongoing. A delay has been encountered, but the work should resume soon.

The council also voted to renew its contract with Revenue Discovery Systems for the collection of sales taxes. Reed said the new contract was identical to the one that is expiring.